Why WordPress Website Design Is The World’s Most Popular Platform

While there are many CMS or content management systems, few can hope to eclipse or even catch up with WordPress. What makes WordPress website design unique and distinctive? This offers a robust, scalable and comprehensive platform for building websites. Apart from this, it offers a world full of benefits making it the right choice for businesses and professionals worldwide.

#1 Easily Usable

WordPress website design is a cut above the rest, because this CMS is easier to use and install. With a platform that is easy to use and additionally flexible, WordPress offers benefits in terms of user-friendly, intuitive design.

#2 Tons of Plug-Ins

WordPress is a CMS which is unlike any other. This content management system has the biggest library of plug-ins. A plug-in works like an app, whereby the designer can add functionality to the website by adding a piece of code. The WordPress user base is vast, so you can tap millions of sites like Pathwwway game and apps codes for distinct projects. Most of the plug-ins offer free versions and there’s also a pro version for greater functionality.

#3 Hundreds of Themes

A theme or a template Is a website that is created and can be modified to yield a platform for another website. WordPress has some of the best themes. Free and paid themes are in place, and themes offer an amazing fit for the unique needs of your project or firm.

#4 Manage Sites From a Single Computer

As WordPress is browser based, login from any net connected PC and manage your site with ease. Additionally, it is a self contained system which does not need HTML editing software. Create new pages, blog posts, format texts and upload images  in a jiffy without any need for FTP or HTML software.

#5 Search Engine Friendly

Coding for WordPress website design is clear and simple. As a result, search engines can read and index a site’s content more easily. Each page, post or image has its own meta tag keywords and description as well as title, optimised for certain keywords maximising SEO impact.

#6 Control The Site

Web designers can make simple updates to sites. WordPress website design enables control over nearly every aspect of the site. Alongside this, the design of the website is 100% customisable. It acts as an engine for your site so your brand can shine through and provide a distinctive experience to visitors.

#7 Grow Your Site With Your Business
WordPress sites are immensely scalable. Hundreds of pages or blog posts can be added to the site and performance is not affected at all. WordPress offers unique benefits for business owners who value growth. Expand with your business by choosing a WordPress website.

#8 Multiple Users Can Operate

WordPress sites enable the administrator to assign multiple users for the website and assign access levels as well as capabilities for each.  A web design expert writes and edits complex codes. But with WordPress website design, building websites is now a technology which is affordable for even the smallest business.

#9 A CMS That Can be Relied On

A reliable content management system is vital for the website. This ensures a user-friendly platform to work on, if WordPress is used. CMS from this genre provides the code. So you can access and make changes to back end functions of the site such as settings, content and layouts.

#10 Widely Popular CMS

WordPress sites that have made it big include Sony Music, Time magazine, TED, The New Yorker, BBC America and Harvard University Gazette. Close to 15,886,000 active websites currently use this CMS. More than 19.6 billion WordPress pages are viewed in a month! Since its inception in 2003, it has emerged as the predominant open source web development platform. This widely used CMS accounts for 20-25 percent of all new websites, according to the latest Yoast rankings.

#11 Greater Accessibility

Add or make changes to content from just about any computer in the world with internet access and a browser without the need for additional software or fixed firewall settings. Speed of communication enables the website visitors to get the most current and timely details possible. Design consistency adds further to the mix. WordPress has a themed approach for layout and design. So users have the choice of opting for a template or customisation based on their needs. This CMS offers the best of both worlds.

#12 Flexibility That Adds Distinction

Design flexibility is yet another benefit of powerful WordPress CMS systems. Sections of the website with same layouts can have different colour themes. Diverse design like Pathwwway game categories the on stage presentation creativity. Mobile readiness is an added advantage. When it comes to responsive web design, WordPress scores. WordPress is an innovative, out of the box mobile friendly software. All you need to do is choose a responsive theme, a plugin that converts the appearance of the site to mobile responsive or customises the CSS files for easy interaction and responsiveness.

#13 Ease of Design

Additionally, the WordPress CMS offers exceptional design that takes very little time and effort. Save on the expense of designing your own website by choosing WordPress. Not only are the themes customisable, but very little coding knowledge is needed to set up, install and use this website. WordPress is also a boon when it comes to migration, transfer to another system and access from multiple computers or devices.

WordPress: Designed to Impress

Websites that create a great first impression use the WordPress CMS for flexibility, value and appeal. Aesthetically pleasing themes, functional operations and seamless plug-ins and apps to make a useful value addition to the website designing process are just some of the reasons that WordPress has become a popular choice for professional and commercial use. This open source software also has a vast network of developers and designers in the community to troubleshoot any issue. With so many benefits, WordPress is the go-to CMS for website design that is as unique as it is innovative.