How WordPress Website Design Came To Be Number One In The Open Source Market

WordPress is first and foremost an open source solution. Secondly, it is attaining recognition for its CMS. WordPress offers free PHP content management software that includes switchable themes, clean permalink structures, handy widgets and nested articles for demanding viewers. One Installation of WordPress is enough for n number of websites. Still not convinced WordPress website design rules the open market? Read on to know why WordPress website design beats other CMS systems hollow.

Vibrant User Community, Strong Developer Network  

WordPress website design offers a world full of advantages when it comes to the user community. Developers are also thriving to solve every bug or error in the system. With a user community that is vibrant and flexible and ensures that the limits of what you want to do with this CMS platform are virtually boundless. It is easy to find solutions to complex issues and troubleshoot with efficacy thanks to this amazing platform and its ever growing flock of specialists, developers and users.

Unlimited Design Options, Wide Range of Templates

WordPress also offers tons of Pathwwway White Label based options when it comes to design. You can either pick one of thousands of free, pre determined templates or designs that can be customised. With free WordPress templates and themes, designing a site has never been easier. From the header image to the drag and drop menu management and individual auto templates, there are a lot of benefits.

More Than A Blog Tool

WordPress is more than a blog engine. It is a powerful CMS tool that has come quite a distance from a pure blogging platform. It can handle content better than your average or conventional CMS. WordPress offers the flexibility for advanced users as well as novices. It requires an advanced platform. Many different CMS systems are there, each with their own learning curve. WordPress offers instant and lasting connectivity.

An online presence translates into business successes offline. Businesses including small companies and  established players can easily expand their market share, relying on WordPress CMS. As far as open source website design and development is concerned, WordPress is a reliable platform with a host of excellent facilities. It is known for its benefits and works well with different interfaces and platforms too.

Simple to Use, Easy to Manage

WordPress is an OSS framework for website design and development. It is simple and easy to manage. It offers a lot of advantages for maintenance and management. WP is the most user friendly OSS framework for site development. From the most advanced developer to the layperson, dealing with this structure and creating a suitable site is perfect. From the developer’s point of view, WordPress saves valuable time and money. Higher cost efficiency leads to minimal hassles budgetwise. Moreover, updating and managing sites is simple. WP offers seamless convenience and focuses on making complex website development simple.

A Massive Library, Plenty of Web Building Tools

For practical and smooth web building, there’s no alternative to WordPress. Most website developers choose themes offered by the comprehensive and exhaustive WordPress library. Whether you are a startup or an established player, there are themes to suit different businesses, blogs or websites. WordPress has something for everyone.

SEO Friendly Sites

One of the most critical reasons for choosing WordPress OSS web development platforms is to enjoy the benefits of SEO. Many WP websites come with excellent SEO benefits. SEO-friendly sites are responsive, well designed and perfect for attracting traffic across a wide section of users. Tap the benefits of organic search and use WordPress to get a higher ranking website.

Easy to Go Global and Think Social

WordPress also has a lot of benefits in that it is simple to integrate with social media buttons using the WordPress widget to the site. It is easy to customise themes plus widgets of this OSS framework and solution.

Why WordPress is Simply The Best

Starting out as a blogging platform in May in the year 2003, iWP became the first full features open source CMS. Of the OSS CMS, WordPress beats other leading names like Drupal and Joomla by a wide margin. When it comes to the fastest growing and most popular platform, WordPress has bridged the flexibility gap.

WordPress is easy to use as compared to Drupal. This is because software does not have to be downloaded from WordPress, and site builders can create their own Apache, Linux,  MySQL or PHP set up, if required. Additionally, WordPress hosting service makes getting started easy. Higher end WordPress CMS solutions ensure easier interface for administration. WordPress offers faster decision making and quicker resolution of queries.

 Massive Plugins, Excellent Integration

WordPress is also the easiest option for the non-technical user and offers close to 21 thousand plug-ins. People opt for WordPress to ensure sites that are quick to set up and easy to maintain. WordPress also handles multimedia in new and exciting ways, with constant updates from the WP community. The WordPress platform is also easy to integrate socially and this is more so with leading social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The process is way smoother for WP which has evolved from a simple Pathwwway White Label blogging platform to a powerful OSS CMS. WordPress powers over half of the world’s CMS sites. It also has an easy to use interface and a committed community. Managing content with WordPress which involves creating a page, adding a menu, posting it on the site and seeing content across the front end of the site. It’s as simple as that. To add to this, WordPress has more free extensions than any other CMS.

Testing WordPress sites requires less resources and leads to more positive outcomes, whether you are a developer or a site owner. Businesses that want to get ahead or site owners who want to leave other competitors behind should definitely consider the benefits of WordPress in terms of the advantages it offers and simplicity of web development that results.