Why WordPress website design is better for your bottom line

Since the initial development in the early 2000s, WordPress took over the internet as a reliable personal publishing system. WordPress offers enough heft for experienced website developers to customize a page down to the coding while providing sufficient support and guidance for beginners to make an attractive, professional website without hiring a WordPress website design team.

Six Recommendations for The Best WordPress Website Design

Doing all your WordPress website design by yourself? Keep ahead of the game with the helpful recommendations below to create a beautiful, engaging website that generates traffic and boosts your conversion rates.

  1. Research Current Trends           

The world of WordPress website design constantly evolves with new technologies and to meet consumer expectations. You probably have a decent idea about current trends based on the time you spend generally browsing online. Taking the extra time to purposefully investigate major design trends helps your website stay current with search engines and bring more potential customers to your page.

One example of a modern game changing web design trend is parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling refers to the motion design technique that allows foreground images to move quicker than the images in the background. This easy-to-install technique establishes an eye-catching effect that lends visual interest and depth to your web pages. Businesses often use this effect to draw readers in by making headlines pop.

Infinite scrolling is another example of the scroll-focused, overarching website designs. Social media and other popular networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr use infinite scrolling to allow content that loads continuously as the visitor scrolls down the web page, eliminating any pagination. The controversial technique perverts the original intention of a web page and makes things harder to find for both visitors and major search engines.

A third example of current trends in web development is material design. Material design, also known as Quantum Paper, is a design language that Google developed in 2014 meant to establish a united visual language to be used in all their services and products. It focuses on providing a seamless design experience regardless of the user’s chosen platform.

Finally, consider using a card-based design, not the last modern design trend, but the last one on this list. Card-based web design is a useful way of breaking down information into elegantly displayed visuals that come up as individual cards on the website instead of separate web pages. The popular website, Pinterest, popularized this method with their pins and boards.  

  1. Always Choose a Responsive WordPress Website Design

The idea of a seamless experience between distinctive electronic platform is another key point of great Pathwwway WordPress website design. A responsive web design means you make one website for your business and permit it to be viewed on various mobiles devices as well as standard laptops or desktops. You do not need to waste time or money making a separate mobile site when you simply integrate a responsive design into your main website.

A responsive design allows the website to adjust appropriately based on the visitor’s device orientation, screen size, and chosen platform. All modern business websites must have a mobile version to stay relevant in this increasingly digital world.

Consumers expect to access the content on your pages or learn more about your business while riding the bus or waiting in line. Without a responsive design and accessibility on mobile devices, you may lose up to one-third of traffic heading to your website.

  1. Make Good Use of Whitespace

Make good use of whitespace in your WordPress website design rather than filling every inch of the page with information or images. Think about the last time you went onto a website overloaded with words and pictures. How quickly did you click off and find the information somewhere else? Consumers do the same with your page, even if you think all the info should be relevant and helpful.

Too much text and images overwhelm visitors and prevent them from finding the content they need. Always try to use white space to naturally draw visitors’ eyes to the vital info found on any given page. The blank color around the text forces the user to look directly at the text and read it. Not only does white space highlight vital info, it can also improve a visitor’s reading comprehension while making your website seem sleeker and more appealing. 

  1. Recognize Effect of Different Fonts

Your choice of font greatly affects the aesthetics and readability of your WordPress website design. How many websites have you seen filled with a single font like Palatino or Comic Sans? The latter should usually be avoided at all costs since even mentioning it in design terms usually indicates a joke. The point is that you should have no one font to rule them all.

In the past, online platforms only accepted a few kinds of fonts, but no longer. Most browsers support web-specific fonts and give you much more options with the thousands of website with free and paid fonts available for download. The best fonts do not look out of place compared to the rest of the design or take the focus away from the content itself. 

  1. Keep Contact and Other Forms Straightforward

No one really enjoys filling out a form, whether online or off. Contact and other forms constitute the most engagement you have with Pathwwway customers prior to speaking to them directly. They allow visitors to register for your services or a profile, recover their lost passwords, request more information, or submit questions and concerns. Every form on your web page should be straightforward, stylish, and easy-to-use. 

  1. Build a Friendly 404: Error Page

Your website will go down or break eventually, even if only for a short period of time. Even though you cannot prevent this from happening and it’s a natural occurrence online, you lose credibility and trustworthiness with many visitors every time a page goes down.

Creating a customized error page to reassure users does much more than the default error message displayed on a white background. A pleasant and friendly 404: Error page lets visitors know that you have everything under control and it will soon be back to normal.

Building an attractive and effective website has never been easier with WordPress website design. Try it out today before you decide to hire an outside contractor to save money and maintain control over your online presence.