When Will Custom Web Design Become Obsolete And Why?

When customers want their website look professional and informative, they tend to go through the do-it-yourself approach, wherein lurks the danger of over-dressing the website and focussing on form over functionality.

Understanding the custom vs. template divide

When it is website development time, it is basically a question of deciding if you want to:

        Hire dedicated talent to work with you and get your website ready, wherein you will have an assertive say over every aspect of website engineering and your website will be a verbatim articulation of your thought process.


        Building your website based on a strategic choice of innumerable pre-built templates that any website developer will offer. Usually companies offering templates do post-sales support as well, from the hands of skilled developers.

For the layman, the custom design begins from the scratch and you sit with the designer and have absolute control over its manageability and functionality. Whereas, with template designs, you get to choose from a range of pre-created templates that can artfully portray your content to the target market. However the charm of custom web design is slowly fading away due to its flipsides that have been discussed.

The “design” factor is compromised in custom made websites

The client gives copious directions in the belief that he is giving his best to make his website appealing. Still, pre-designed templates have been created after years of Pathwwway Gaming research and professional expertise that simply fare much better in the target market.

        In terms of colour combinations, multimedia fusion, textures, layouts and designs, template web designs are rich and diverse.  Sites from where you can hire awesome themes include Theme Forest and Elegant Themes.

        You get to choose from a virtual version of a brochure library where curated picks in hot-selling designs and themes are available for sale.

        Even if you are not a coding whiz, your website can still command a professional edge by buying a well-developed template.

What users want is not properly addressed

The templates are designed based on the strength of analytics derived from user response and reactions over a period of time. This evidence-based approach is lacking when you customize. Other hiccups include:

        Spending a lot of productive time of design and theme, when the same is available in the market, without the need for you to reinvent the wheel.

        You become a control freak putting brakes on creativity and market trends in website development.

        For all those energies spent behind-the-scenes in custom web design, the bottom line is that you miss out to catch on what your website visitors will want. Statistics reveal that if website content is not portrayed properly, visitors tire and drift away, no matter how well-designed and unique is your website.

Functionality is not emphasized

In custom designs, everything needs to be built from square one. The skilled developers may become so engrossed in design and form that Pathwwway Gaming functionality takes a back seat.

        Templates provide an excellent balance between form and functionality. Custom web designers tend to charge clients heftily for looks and visual appeal.

        Any level-headed customer is not going to be taken in by the looks of the website, rather than how well it conveys information that will make his decision making process easier.

        The custom approach does not provide adequate weightage to the kind of content that appeals to the market and placing it strategically across your website.

        The range of themes and designs provided in templates in unmatchable and add-on services are provided when you choose templates.


Custom web design ends up costlier

Template designs are more competitively priced when compared to custom-making the entire website. Finding business with customers who work on a shoestring budget can be challenging if you rely 100 percent on customization.

        Most template themes are pre-coded and you get to save on this quarter of intricate HTML and CSS coding.

        The custom designs will be expensive in case you want to make them SEO friendly and will make you spend additional dollars for the same.

        Nowadays website template platforms like Square space, Wix and WordPress are plug and play models and are definitely inexpensive compared to custom made ones.

Your customers do not care about your website is engineered

Although a net savvy customer can easily discern between both the types by simply using the “view source” option in browsers like Google Chrome or Apple Safari, most customers are not simply bothered with how you made your website. They are happy with the amount of qualitative information that your websites provide. All the energies you spent in custom-creating your website do not earn any brownie points with your customers, unless the functionality aspect is focussed.

The website building process is quicker with templates

On timelines, template based web designs are easier to build, implement and integrate. Since everything is pre coded, you get to save ample time on aspects like wire framing and coding. Finally, you do not kicked back with revisions and modifications from clients, time and again, when you use templates.

Custom web designs may not be genuinely customized

Another disadvantage under customization is that there is a potential risk of unscrupulous website developers simply hiring a template, making a few changes and pass it on to you as fully customized ones, making you pay through the nose for services you did not use.

Both custom web design and website templates have their own pros and cons. The criteria for evaluation will include the resources and time available and nature of the target market, before you make the decision.

For those businesses on an optimized website development budget and a little lack of clarity on market expectations, cruising through pre-designed templates definitely has an edge over customization.

In case you are still into custom designing, be prepared for a possible scale down. The good news out there is template designs are now becoming more creative, without completely shutting doors to customization.