Is website building more or less important than website marketing?

Do you have a business but not a website? If you said yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. Do you have a website but no web marketing? If you said yes, it’s still almost as if your business doesn’t exist. Most businesses understand the importance of web design but is website building more important than marketing your website?

Many business owners are very interested in the design of their website but pay little attention to no attention to the marketing their website. That’s why Pathwwway Romania have put together this article so you can really understand both elements and decide for yourself, which is more important, web design or web marketing.

The Benefits of Building a Website

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses by making it easier than ever before to connect with existing and potential clients. Having a website is crucial in this day and age as you’re aware people primarily visit websites to find information about products and services. In the business world information is critical to buying and selling so you need to have a website for your customers to browse.

Listed below are a few advantages and benefits of having a website for your business. 

  1. Happy Customers – Having a website will delight your customers because it makes their life much more convenient. Your business website should make it easy for your customers to buy your products. Studies show that when people are looking to make a purchase they prefer to search online rather than driving to a physical location.
  1. More Visibility – Most small businesses have local popularity but they don’t usually get much business from outside their own city.  A website can help generate more customers that are not just from cities in your area but a lot further a field. There’s a global community at your fingertips waiting to be tapped into which will allow your business to be visible around the world.
  1. 24/7 access – If you have a physical store I’m sure at one time or another you’ve had to turn customers away because it’s closing time. An advantage of having a well designed, informative website is there are no closing times and it can be visited 365 days a year and any time of the day or night.
  1. Insights on Customer Behavior – Did you know that you can track almost everything your customers do when they visit your website? A just a few stats that you can track are as follows: How many people visited your site, which pages are most popular and even the pages customers are clicking to after a purchase. This information can be really useful to understand your customers behaviors.
  1. Build relationships – By website building you can also build better relationships with your customers. Your customers can send messages instantly to you through your Pathwwway Romania website and they can also review your products online.

Benefits Of Web Marketing

Having a website is important but without a strong website marketing strategy many of those benefits just simply won’t transpire. A carefully planned and orchestrated internet marketing strategy can open doors you didn’t even know existed.

When it comes to the benefits of website marketing there are five points which are consistently rated as being the top advantages.

Minimal Cost – there are minimal costs in web marketing and certainly less costs than website building. Marketing online is a real cost saver as once you’ve compiled a list of your customers that information can be saved and stored for continual usage. This decreases the cost of future marketing campaigns.

Focusing on internet marketing also reduces your expenses for land, capital, procurement, advertising, and labor. These elements don’t sound like much but they quickly add up.

Easily personalization – With all the data and information that web marketing allows you to collect you create personalized marketing campaigns easily at the click of a button. Your campaigns can now be quickly edited based on demographics, including age, location, and many other variables. The ability to be this specific in your marketing allows you to target your campaigns for maximum effect.

Huge Reach Potential – marketing online gives your business the opportunity to reach a phenomenal amount of people. Simply by doing a few simple web marketing activities you’ll expand your reach well beyond your geographic area. A whole new world of customers will open up to you and you can service these new markets that were previously inaccessible to your business.

Increase customer engagement –  To build your client base you want to keep your customers engaged and happy. Having not only a website, but also a solid marketing strategy will give you a considerable advantage. Additionally, a focus on marketing and customer service makes it possible to develop relationships with your clients.

Web marketing tools like social media and email are much better for interacting with customers than simple website building. These tools make it easy for customers to connect with you, make enquiries, receive messages, and place orders. The easier you can make it for your customers to interact with your business and the faster your response time, the more likely they will be to buy from you again.

It’s easier than you think – One of the greatest advantages of internet marketing is its ease of implementation, tools like social media and email are very user friendly. Once you get the hang of it you’d be surprised how easy it can be. Web marketing is all about getting the right eyes in front of your products. The more accessible you make your business, the more likely your customers are to shop with you again. The fact of the matter is that web marketing is a lot easier than you might expect and it’s much easier than building a website.


Hopefully you can now see that there are multiple benefits to not just creating a website but also having a solid marketing plan to really make the most of your website.

Your website needs to be effective in communicating your businesses values as well as your products. The internet creates a bridge that you can use to meet your client’s needs. But, your website marketing should focus on great customer service and of course promoting your products.

We believe that website building and website marketing should go hand in hand to really take advantage of the opportunities the internet allows your business.