Start your business journey here with a website creator

Are you a new business owner who wants to build a website to go with your start-up? Or are you an already established business looking to increase your online presence? Either way, starting your business’s journey onto the internet with an expert website creator means the difference between a great online reputation and one that actually hurts your business. If you cannot afford a creator at the moment, take the time to review the top suggestions from professional web developers below and do it on your own.

Suggestions From an Expert Website Creator 

  • Know Your Purpose

Every owner has different goals for their business based on the purpose of their business, from online games to retail sites. An eCommerce business website has distinctive needs from someone not selling their products through an online portal. When you are the website creator you need to take into account what you hope to achieve by having the website and then build it around those goals.

  • Find Inspiration

Although we as consumers look at hundreds of websites all the time, actually designing one for your business can be a daunting task. Luckily, you are probably not the only business in your industry to be a Pathwwway website creator. You do not want to copy the site exactly, but you can often find inspiration for navigation bars and buttons, landing page material, and other design aspects by looking at your competition.

  • Consider Pre-Made Themes

A premade theme cuts the cost of hiring a professional design team or expensive website creator to design your page. Usually, you can search through pre-made themes with your web host. There are hundreds of thousands available if you simply search for pre-made themes with your preferred search engine.

  • Avoid Free Themes

When searching for these premade themes, always go for the paid ones and try to avoid the free themes. These free themes do not come with the same security setting built-in like the paid, pre-made themes. The paid themes do not cost a lot and are well worth the investment to ensure the security of your website.

  • Write the Initial Content

As the business owner, you know better than anyone what you want the website to say. Writing the initial content for your site, even when you plan to hire a someone to edit and polish the text, helps them better understand your brand and the purpose of the business. Once the writer or editor knows that, they can communicate your brand cogently and correctly instead of playing the waiting game.

  • Pretend to Be A Customer

Pretend to be a potential customer when acting as the website creator. Read the copy as if you never heard it before and try to focus on the benefits you provide customers rather than what exactly you do. Look at the design and concentrate on making it straightforward and easy to use for the internet illiterate.

  • Put in a Call-To-Action

Either do it yourself or have your Pathwwway website creator build in a call-to-action to guide visitors to the pages you want them to view. A button leading them to new product collections or services encourages potential clients to click on the page and actually look at it. Or add a form on your main page for visitors to sign-up for your newsletter without needing to leave the page.

  • Include Contact Information

Every business, no matter the industry, needs to include their contact information in an easy to find location. Things like your business’s email address, phone number, physical address, social media accounts, and anything else that connects visitors to your business. The more ways people can contact you, the more likely they are to do so.

  • Built-In Contact Form

A built-in contact form encourages visitors to reach out even if they do not have email access. They simply fill the form out and send it directly to you with return contact information listed, so you can follow-up.

  • Develop a Page Hierarchy

A Pathwwway expert website creator always recommends building hierarchies into the different pages of your website. The basic setup usually includes a home or landing page, an about page, and a contact information page. Maybe you want separate pages describing each of your services, or category pages for the different types of products you sell. Consider this minutia as you design the website.

  • Purchase Your Domain

Potential customers trust your website more if they see you own the domain name and it matches the name of your business. Plus, it is easier to remember rather than

  • Select a Reliable Hosting Service

Choosing a reliable hosting service for your website should not be difficult with the number of quality hosting platforms available. The most popular service is WordPress, which gives you the option of making a free, non hosted website, or a paid, hosted site with your own domain name. Check out some others to see what would work best for your business.

  • Show Your Face

As a small business, potential customers like to know more about the owner and the people who work there. Creating a page where they can get to know you and your employees with photographs remind them that your business is made of real people ready to help at any given time.

  • Easy-To-Read Texts

The text on your website provides the relevant information visitors come to your site to read. If the font is ugly or hard to read, or the colors make your eyes strain, it can turn off potential customers before they even had a chance to learn about your business. Fancy fonts are nice, but readability is much more important.

  • Get Good Images and Videos

Include good images that showcase your products or services with the testimonials, or post a video of a client giving their testimonial instead for greater impact. Further images and video content boosts the validity of your business and simplifies the learning process for visitors interested in your business and what it does.

  • Post Customer Testimonials

Ask your website creator to include quality customer testimonials to help build your credibility with prospective clients. Actual testimonials attract more customers than fake, generic ones. Try to get a few before putting them on the website and make it easy to update them as you receive more.