Why Small Business Website Design Will Be 90% Of Your Web Design Business

The web designing business is centered around small business website designs. In fact, small business website design forms 90% of the web design industry. Why is it catching on? Research shows that you have 10 seconds to make an impression on site visitors and 48% of the users cite web design as the deciding factor when it comes to judging the credibility of a business.

In fact as many as 38% in one study stopped engaging with websites if contents or layouts were unappealing. While you cannot judge a book by its cover, users can and do judge a small business based on its site. A web design that makes users feel comfortable and establish trust. Making a connection with the user is important. Consistency in updating the site can make a difference between retaining a consumer or client’s interest and losing it.

Instant Connectivity, Engaged Users

Small business owners realise the value of web design. Statistics show that once the page loads, users form an opinion regarding the credibility of the business in as little as .05 seconds. Around 39 percent of people will stop interacting with a site if images don’t load or take too long to load.

Online, there is a need for instant connectivity, and it is also the key to grabbing the consumer’s attention and engaging their interest for the long term.

Content that Impresses, Branding that Strengthens

Website visitors check out the company’s products or services before checking out any other section of the site. While on a homepage, the design cannot be compromised because content needs to engage and evoke interest. The content on the site matters to users.  You need to be strategic about how the information is placed. Sectioning the content and guiding consumers through a powerful brand narrative forms the basis of small business success. Small business owners opt for web design because it gives them control over what content is, and how it serves as a powerful interactive medium.

Designing for Mobile, Reaching Out to Smartphone Users

Small business website design is the key to responsive websites. Smartphone users are on the rise and bridging the digital divide is only possible if you have a mobile-first site. A majority of the consumers use multiple devices and screens. Mobile devices account for 2 of 3 minutes spent online, according to research. Images that take too long to load, content that is too cumbersome to read or unattractive layouts can be major reasons why people leave off engaging with your business, brand and product/service. Laptop/desktop may be a device used commonly, but smartphones are the currency for the new digital savvy business to operate, transact and thrive.

Quality Online Presence

A quality online presence is no longer an afterthought for small businesses. A lot of businesses that are startups starting out can leverage the web design as a tool to help small businesses succeed. A professional, easily navigable Pathwwway Romania website can create a level playing field and provide small businesses a change to outperform their rivals. To accomplish this goal, it is critical to invest in quality website design services. Websites create a powerful first impression and a lasting brand power.

The Power of SEO

Small businesses are increasingly working to hire web design specialists for creating a unique design for the site. If the local audience is being targeted or a global audience is the target, you need to call in professionals who excel at website design. Search engines reward professional web design and give higher rankings to generate more traffic. One way search engines like websites is through professional designing. This leads to high rankings because images, video and text on the site are engaging, attractive and appealing.

Cutting Back Bounce Rates, Sustaining Visitor Interest

When the website design is cluttered or complicated, it can prove difficult to navigate or provide a means of getting what they are looking for. If small business owners need to survive, they need to sustain viewer interest and engage consumers. Bounce rates can only lessen if your site is professionally designed. Small businesses prevent loss of customers and gain trust by relying on professional website designers. Small business owners and startups are focused on increasing the conversion rate as well as sustaining existing customers.

Adding Value, Making Updates

An ineffective website translates into a negative online presence. Professional web designers ensure that precious time and resources are saved by regularly updating content and adding fresh data. A good design is easy to build on. Fresh content also gives rankings an edge and creates winning SEO. It also serves as a strong call to action. A small business that can engage users and convert prospects will thrive. Garnering meaningful traffic in the long run can serve as a powerful motivator for small business owners to turn to professional web designers.

A Professional Website= Excellent UX

Online tools needed to sustain exceptional user experience include your site. It is your digital calling card, your virtual salesperson and your 24/7 storefront all rolled into one. Putting money in a Pathwwway Romania custom solution is worth the investment. A professional site means a personal touch, which can give your business the leg up. Your website ensures a quality browsing experience and ease of navigation. Web design professionals also create a unique feel. They design websites from a scratch, so that you can set your brand apart from the rest. Making their site as unique as their business is easy for small entrepreneurs who work to stand out in a big way.

Using templates or DIY solutions can serve as a quick fix, but yield a problem when it comes to custom solutions. If your competition is affording a customised solution, you can reap the rewards only if you stay ahead of the curve.

Good web design is more than just a cosmetic add on. It helps small businesses to get a big boost by inspiring confidence with a professional image. Now set your brand apart from the competition and build financial value using the advantages of a website design professional.

Whether you consider clients, partners or investors, exuding a powerful web persona has its advantages for a small business that is growing and expanding. Excellent web design sets a business apart from its competition and creates a level playing field for startups seeking to be game changers.