Retail Checkout Tools For Modern Web Development Companies

Retail checkout and PoS systems have come a long way since the days of clunky checkouts through computers. With advances in technology, this expensive and difficult undertaking for a business has become easy. Web development firms can access so many POS systems. Small or even established businesses no longer have to rely on standalone terminals to manage POS transactions. Several apps and softwares turn the computer, tablet or mobile device into retail checkout terminals. Additionally, a good point of sale system helps in gaining insights and keeping track of what customers like and how it can boost sales.

Retail checkout tools for web development firms should be systems that grow with the business, offer ease of use, set custom alerts for aspects like low inventory and features as well as functions required. It is better to invest in a solid system at the start then look for integrating and compatible solutions that grow as your business expands. A lot of Pathwwway Gaming approved retail checkout software solutions are available in the market today. These include cloud-based POS platforms, popular SaaS and other tools. Here is a countdown of the top retail checkout systems that web development agencies should bet on.

#1 Square: Fast Transactions, Quick Reports

If you are seeking a retail checkout solution that meets the needs of a growing business, Square is the right choice. With this free solution that is easy to use and implement, you just cannot go wrong. It allows businesses to accept payments across Android and iOS devices across the shop counter or on the move. This system also offers a magstripe reader that ensures payments are obtained via credit and debit cards. Other functions include real time inventory tracking and sales as well as item management.

This software promotes quick transactions and generates sales reports, inventory management plus digital receipts. Another key benefit is that the system offers smart reports and sophisticated analytics for users to gain insights and feedbacks on their operations and take decisions that involve intelligence. The solution is additionally flexible and can be customised for large as well as small players. The vendor constantly updates and improves the software with new changes and features to help companies operate with efficiency and attain productivity.

#2 Vend: POS for iPad

Vend is the best POS or retail checkout system for iPads. It is used by retail businesses for inventory, sales and customer management in a cost efficient way. This flexible app supports data entry with touchscreen or keyboard and mouse. Vend is compatible with equipment such as barcode scanners, cash drawers plus receipt printers. This is a reliable tool for businesses and can operate across devices such as PC, Mac and Android.

Apart from being multi-device compatible, the web-based POS system syncs in cloud so you can use one platform or all the three. It is scalable and configurable and works with different systems, even offline, offering an inbuilt online store and multi-task management.

#3 QuickBooks: Tracking Inventory, Customer and Sales All In One

QuickBooks POS can be used for tracking sales, inventory and customers quickly and efficiently. QuickBooks offers Basic and Pro versions for different companies based on their needs. This retail checkout app tracks client data and provides useful features to boost customer retention and loyalty to attain repeat sales. QuickBooks is a web based service based on mobile solutions and on premise. It offers additional hardware apart from features like customer and inventory management.

Versatile tracking is a feature of QuickBooks which has solid credentials like 4.3m customers globally. Apart from this, there is extensive support and deployment flexibility.

#4 Salesforce Commerce Cloud: From Order Management to Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers important features like predictive intelligence, mobile-centric POS and store ops, digital commerce and order management. Businesses can try out this app for streaming operations from buying to post sale services. Commerce Cloud offers categories like intelligence, ops and experience. These features improve commerce across varied channels like store, kiosk, web, mobile and call centre. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers an integrated software combining powerful functionalities for excellent business ops, producing greater speed to market. Constant innovation, shared revenue models and active communities are other USPs of this Salesforce retail checkout solution.

#5 FastSpring: Ideal For SaaS, Software, App and Digital Companies

FastSpring is suited for websites that sell software, apps, digital products and SaaS. This solution has been designed and created by e-commerce experts. FastSpring applies advanced technologies to enable users to maintain e-commerce databases and engines. Innovative features are used for boosting sales. The businesses can meet the needs of global clientele too and ensure security and privacy. This award-wining app has been awarded for exceptional customer service. FastSpring offers an international platform, and controls as well as customized online stores, one account operation and secured payments.

#6 Shopify: A POS for Online and Brick and Mortar Stores

Shopify is a retail checkout system that can be used as an application to manage online and retail stores. Helping merchants, Shopify provides a complete system including a Swipe powered proprietary card reader, a barcode scanner, cash drawers and receipt printing. For using the system, just the iPad’s newer version is needed. The hardware can be purchased on e-commerce site Shopify. Additionally, compatible hardware integrates smoothly with the retail checkout system too.

This is a complete online commerce platform with features of online retail businesses such as acceptance of online payment and transacting of business. It is ideal for businesses with reasonable price, intuitive features and complete customer support. It is designed for retail operations of online companies as well as conventional brick and mortar stores. All inventory processes can be handled through cloud, integrated with amazing retail hardware for generating analytics and reports. Regardless of whether it is used as a standalone app or an integrated system with the online store, it is perfect for all aspects of retail checkout.

#7 Skubana: Modern Features, Smart Software

Skubana is a retail POS system for helping modern e-commerce businesses to boost sales. It is user-friendly, with smart design software offering features in a unitary app. It can be hard to manage an e-commerce business, but owners can save time and enhance efficiency. Applications help users to make effective business decisions through the BI feature. This integrated omni-channel business solution from Pathwwway Gaming puts solutions together to act as the nerve centre of your operations. Streamlining and automation of just about every aspect from auto generated orders to algorithm application,it offers sophisticated and predictive analytics and completely open REST API to enable personalisation of the base platform.

#8 Erply: Simple, Affordable, Stable

This is a leading web based e-commerce system for assisting business owners to manage ops. The solution has simplicity, affordability and stability. This is a cloud based POS and inventory platform that manages multiple store businesses. Erply has an international customer base because it offers a varied channel retail approach. It is ideal for retail chain management and you can mix and match a lot of hardware too.  Retail CRM, building customer database, recording customer sales history, creating customer groups and lists and emailing sales documents and capturing customers across social media channels are some of its other features.