Open Source Alternatives To WordPress Website Design

WordPress is a tool that enables millions of users worldwide to develop websites and blog space. An advanced and sophisticated CMS system, WordPress is free or an open source project which offers a wide degree of control for customisation like plugins, themes and appearance oriented settings. But most are unaware that WordPress also has a lot of alternatives. WP is used to power websites numbering some 27 million. But this is not the only CMS available. Here are the best and most useful alternatives to WordPress website design from Pathwwway Gambling that are open source platforms too.

#1 Joomla: WordPress’s Largest Alternative

Joomla is the second most popular open source CMS. It has been around for years and has been sourced from CMS Mambo in 2005. Like WordPress, Joomla is developed in PHP and powered by MySQL database. Joomla offers so many free and paid extensions and it is suited for those looking for a professional platform. This free CMS system enables users to build online apps and websites as well. Ease of use and extensibility apart, this CMS platform has many built in features and over 4 thousand extensions from the community.

#2 Drupal: Easy to Publish

Drupal is a free OSS CMS that permits individuals or community of users or enterprises to publish easily, manage and organizing a wide variety of content on the site. Drupal is another alternative to WordPress which has matured well across the years. It is written in PHP and powered by MySQL database. Another aspect of Drupal is to develop a site using distributions, aimed to attaining specific website goals.  Drupal also has many extensions apart from core Drupal CMS to enable functionality desired. Popular distributions include Commerce Kickstart, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons and Open Publish. A top WordPress alternative which is highly supported and development oriented, Drupal offers the most easy to publish alternative.

#3 Typo3: The Enterprise OSS CMS

While WordPress is wonderful for small to medium sized businesses, WP has limitations for enterprise. With the USP of being the Enterprise Open Source content management system, this alternative CMS supports a brimful of features that would otherwise need plugin or extensions for, in other CMS platforms. If you opt for out of the box Typo3, you get benefits such as caching, multi-language, multi-site management and an API based framework that can be extended on. Additionally, there is granular access right and a file abstraction layer. This CMS platform boasts 6,000 extensions till date. The latest CMS version released by Typo3 is NEOS 3 which has a specific focus on user experience.

Instead of focusing on developers, the NEOS focuses on the content creator. No training is needed to publish on Typo3 NEOS. This CMS differs from competitors as one can edit all the content in place. Each page can be accessed through a tree structure so switching from one place to another is simple.

#4 Concrete5: Editing Content on the Fly

This is a stronger alternative to WordPress and a CMS which takes what you see is what you get editing to the next level. Editing happens at the front end with no interface for administration. The content, structure etc can be edited on the move if you are an administrator logged onto the site. This Open Source CMS platform is designed for optimal customisation. It works as a powerful web builder for those lacking technical knowledge. Concrete5 uses blocks as the basic concept. It refers to an element which the visitor can view and can be edited through CMS. There are thirty block types installed in the site, and that have rich functionalities such as in page intricate text, video and image sliders. Additionally, the site has interactive forums and surveys. Blocks can be easily placed and edited by site editors. It offers easy extensibility and can be built from a scratch.

#5 DotNetNuke: The .NET WP Alternative

The most popular OSS CMS are written in PHP. But if you prefer .NET, there are still many open source alternatives like DotNetNuke or DNN developed and maintained by DNNSoftware to develop DNN on the premise of having a community where smart people are provided with right environment and resources.

DNN offers multiple Pathwwway Gambling options for those who want to run a .NET powered CMS. There are several downloads for extending and developing the CMS. Additionally, this OSS offers free downloads through DNN Forge and commercial extensions as well.

#6 Mojo Portal: ASP.NET WP Alternative

MojoPortal is a free and open source CMS system built using the Microsoft ASP.NET. It supports databases such as MS SQL, My SQL and PostgreSQL. It comes with features like blogs, polls, forums, event calendar, image gallery and much more.

#7 Pligg: Social networking CMS

Pligg is a free OSS CMS which provides social networking software encouraging visitors to register on the site to connect and submit content along with other users. Pligg is great for creating websites using user generated content and stories are created and up or down voted by members. Social networking websites are the new kids on the block, but OSS CMS like these can prove extremely handy.

#8 SilverStripe: Feature-Rich CMS

SilverStripe is an OSS and free CMS system. Apart from feature rich content management systems, you can also use object oriented PHP5 web framework for creating apps or extending this CMS site.

#9 Plone: Flexible CMS

Plone is a powerful and flexible CMS that is easy to install, extend and use. It is created for non technical users to create and use information via a web browser. It is well suited for websites or intranets. Plone offers amazing security without sacrificing extensibility or ease of use for those not well versed in technical knowledge.

#10 sNews: PHP + MySQL driven CMS

sNews is a free, standards compliant, PHP and MySQL driven CMS system. It is simple, customisable and lightweight. Easy to install, it can be used through a simple web interface. It comprises one core engine file, one independent template  and CSS stylesheet file and an .htaccess file that ensures URLs are SEO friendly.

#11 CushyCMS: Free for Unlimited Users

CushyCMS is a CMS is simple, offering free options for unlimited users, changes, pages and sites. Built from the ground up, it provides ease of use for content editors and designers as well. This CMS is simple and gets implemented in a matter of minutes. No PHP or ASP is needed for this CMS.  As it is a hosted CMS, no installation or maintenance is needed.