What New Social Media Platforms Should Your New Web Agency Offer?

The social media world is full of surprises. In a span of a just a few days, new social media platforms emerge to grab the eyeballs and become part of everyday life. Social media tools landscape can be fascinating on account of its constant evolution. More social media tools are built and launched, empowering marketers in everyday work. Social media tool are critical for marketing, analysing, listening, content creation and much more. A web agency needs to keep pace with the latest social media platforms and trends. Here are the newest and best social media tools and platforms every web agency should use to join the conversation.

#1 Quuu

This is an amazing community online. This social media tool hand curates content and fills the buffer queue. This makes the process of content curation simple as can be. Hand curated content for sharing over social media becomes simple as can be. All that is needed is to connect Quuu to the Buffer account and select interest classes relevant to the audience. Quuu will transmit hand curated content directly into the buffer cue regardless of the frequency chosen. The user can enter the buffer manually and suggestions can then be edited. Quuu curates content on three hundred different topics currently.

#2 Panda Five

Panda 5 is the fifth version of the news reading app which has gained immense popularity in recent times. This speeds up the content curation process by permitting the browsing of multiple websites in one go. Integration with other websites to cull out RSS feeds of desired content also works wonders. Once Panda is authorized with the Twitter account, a list of feeds are recommended to follow based on contacts on Twitter. More feeds can also be added to the reader. Prebuilt with integrated feeds, for media selections and blogs, this social media platform also lets you personalise the new tab with as many as 9 different options.

#3 Zest

This offers novel marketing inspiration with every single tab. It is ideal for content curation. A new tax extension, this social media tool lets you explore marketing content curated and approved by a community of marketers. Adding the Chrome extension and opening a new tab enables the user to access curated marketing content. With 29 tags to choose from, content which is top of the line is easy to access.

#4 Refind

This social media platform lets you rediscover the links saved earlier when they are needed. It also shows the links saved by friends. With the extensions of Refind, links can be saved by clicking the extension button. Tags can be added or selected from the recommendation consequently.

#5 Rebrandly

This social media platform lets users create and share links with custom domain names. It is a custom URL shortener for sharing branded links. Long complex URL can be turned into memorable, branded ones. Once the account has been created, a custom domain is set up for the branding, and browser extension can be downloaded to rebrand links. When one is at the page that one wants to share, clicking the browser extension button enables links rebranding.

#6 Yala

This bot knows when it is the optimal time to share content. It is ideal for social media scheduling. This slack bot uses machine learning to know when is the ideal time to post on Facebook or Twitter.

#7 Intellifluence

This social media tool lets you engage in the right influencer marketing for your brand. It focuses on peer level influencers, making it ideal for businesses of any size. With this social media platform, a web agency can reach the influencers by country, keyword and social network. Apart from social media, this system also includes influencers on other platforms. These undergo verification by the Intellifluence team.

#8 Waaffle

Make the most of social media content, with Waaffle to aggregate and monitor social media posts from Instagram and Twitter, analyse these and publish the content which has been aggregated. These feeds can be used in different ways such as monitoring and responding to relevant posts to engage with audience, analyse the hashtags used and display selected social media posts on the board, Waaffle website widget or a completely customisable feed through the API.

#9 Falcon.io

This is a tool that helps in all the marketing efforts. The social media platform is ideal for CRM and complete marketing. It permits businesses and agencies to share on social media, engage and listen to customers, create responsive pages, measure performance through channels and manage as well as publish content.

#10 Chatty People

This is the best social media chatbot platform. It creates an AI chatbot on FB with integrated Facebook commerce. FB messages can be created quickly and easily. No additional coding is needed. This platform is ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs to attract enterprise customers. F-commerce and AI commerce align with this free social media tool.

#11 Buffer

This social media platform allows posting the content across multiple social media accounts getting a whole lot easier with the tool. It permits creating a posting schedule for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus pages all in one place. This creates a queue and saves a lot of time.

#12 Brand24

This social media platform delivers real time information on what is being shared and what goes around with the competition. This constant insight can counter positive and negative comments across social media platforms so one can remain engaged with the audience and gauge potential sales opportunities.

#13 Edgar

This social media platform allows the re usage of content on social media and daily posts. Edgar permits users to locate incredible content that follows have missed as they were inundated with the continuous flow of information. The social media tool provides a unique way for post categorisations to ensure content can be easily tracked to re-post in the near future.

#14 Bundlepost

This social media tool offers benefits for scheduling the posts and comes with features that improve on other options. Bundlepost replaces common niche keywords with hashtags to enhance engagement results.

#15 Nuzzle

This social media web and iOS app helps in organising stories shared by friends and contacts on Facebook and Twitter, aggregating information into easy to read links and providing ways for influencers to leverage their own marketing preferences. Accessing stories from the extended social network also helps the agency to enable businesses to better understand their audience.

#16 Secure MySocial

This is a social media tool which provides a way to access alerts in real time if social media posts others make violate company law or policy. This also permits the person making the notification to be alert about when they are in violation, to safeguard the reputation of the company.

#17 Agora Pulse

If Facebook and Twitter are used for business, this social media platform enables deeper use of the social networking sites. Agora Pulse offers CRM, apps, analytics, contests and much more.

#18 Follower Wonk

This Moz app can be used solely for analytics. It helps to find, analyse and optimise social media efforts on the platform, garnering deeper information about followers, their location and the ability to generate new influencers and optimise tweets.

#19 Feedbly

To get alerts about what others are saying, and how the content can be used to identify key industry trends to shape social media posts, content curation and sharing on Feedly integrates with Buffer.

#20 Inkybee

This social media platform allows users to locate influencers with the capacity to elevate the brand and attract more potential customers. This includes social media celebs and bloggers.

#21 Sendible

This powerful social media tool helps in creating synergies for social media management. Pulling posts and comments into a single dashboard for measurement, engagement and analysis, this social media platform ensures publishing, collaboration, mobile and CRM tools as well.

#22 Openr

This social media platform lets you add promo messages to any message shared on social media profiles. This generates more leads and traffic and promotes conversion.

#23 Socedo

This automates the lead generation process by creating relevant prospects through social media. This matches user interest with defined criteria and engages prospective customers using a customisable workflow. It also provides insights and analytics to tweak the workflow and generate better quality leads.

#24 Babbly

This social media channel lets you amplify messages by sharing content through a community of users and influencers. This tool involves pasting the URL to be promoted and the platform carries it out. With a user friendly interface that is mobile responsive, this social media platform can be used across multiple devices.

These social media platforms and tools offer a lot of benefits for business, whether it is in terms of social media management and marketing, customer experience management or adding value to insights in the social media world. New social media platforms are on the rise and as the technology evolves, more channels are born from this innovation. Reputed web agencies stay ahead of the trends by closely tracking these new social media tools, apps and platforms to yield positive business outcomes.