Why do so many businesses choose Pathwwway website developers?

Your choice in an outside website developer can mean the difference between a site you feel proud to share and one you regret ever commissioning in the first place. Many businesses struggle to find truly excellent website developers in this day and age when anyone can build a website and claim to be a qualified designer. Learn what makes a website developer great to avoid regret and securely establish the foundation to your business’s online presence.

Qualities to Look For in a Great Website Developer

Keep the following qualities in mind when selecting a developer for your business’s website to guarantee you get the best person for the job. They should:

Know how to design for search engine optimization (SEO)

Great website developers design your site with SEO in mind. How long it takes for your site to load, the cleanliness of the coding, and the quality of meta descriptions and tags all greatly impact your site’s SEO. All of these things can be improved with the right design choices, from the number of elements or colors to various movements and animations. Making judicious choices results in a faster, cleaner site that search engines love.

Understand vital design principles

Although every professional website developer should be well-versed in rudimentary design techniques and programs, including Adobe Suite, WordPress, etc., you can never know for sure unless you ask. Verifying the designer’s skill set prior to handing over cash saves you time and heartache when they provide a less than attractive product.

Focus on relevant content

Another seemingly simple concept that too many website developers fail to remember is the importance of meaningful content. Every image or segment of text must be relevant to the page or the website as a whole. Avoid designers who continually include blank pages, incorrect information, invalid hyperlinks, or useless content inappropriate within the context of the page.

Actively learn and follow industry updates

Experts in any field actively seek new information and concepts they have not encountered previously. They follow updates within their industry and exhibit a personal interest in expanding their skill set without prompting. These website developers give you a chance to stay ahead of the competition with new methods or techniques to boost traffic and conversion rates.

Find solutions, not excuses

The best website designers never offer excuses when they encounter a problem. They work diligently to resolve the issue or they turn to other experts to figure out a solution. Too many excuses indicate an inability to adequately meet your expectations.

Keep you in the loop

When working with outside website developers, you feel more comfortable when you know exactly what is going on with your business’s website. A great one reaches out to you periodically to update you on their progress, receive feedback, and take into account any suggestions you may recommend.

Communicate clearly

Site developers who stay open and connected with you are more likely to behave the same way within their own teams. A website usually requires more than one person to build within a short period of time, so knowing it is in the hands of a well-oiled machine where everyone understands your vision takes away some of the worry.

Understand your target audience, or be willing to learn more

Pathwwway website developers familiar with your industry are valuable because they can create a design to perfectly fit your market and target audience. This can be a challenge if the designer refuses to research your industry or learn more from you and your business. Find a developer who knows a little bit about your niche and will make the effort to educate themselves to build a better website.

Be creative and innovative

An awesome web designer can build more than one type of website. They should have multiple designs as examples and be open to trying something new for your site. You do not want your website to blend in with everyone else. Hiring an innovative developer who approaches every project with critical thought and a creative mindset will help move your ideas forward and push your business to new boundaries.

Know how to tell a story

The aesthetics of your web page should correspond to the storylines cultivated in your portfolio and across the pages, whether in text or with images. They should find ways to organically integrate elements of your brand’s personal story or the stories of your happy customers into your website’s design.

Know how to evoke emotion

The stories that website developers help create should evoke emotion in visitors. The only way to elicit a response from your target audience is to know what touches them. The designer should understand the importance of analytics and data in revealing what makes your prospective clients feel connected and increase conversion rates.

Be friendly and personable

Building a website takes a significant amount of time, effort, and collaboration between the website developers and the business owner. You want to choose a designer who takes your business and the project seriously, but who you can also talk to comfortably. Every communication and collaborative effort should feel more like a partnership than a transaction.

See outside the box

The best website developers are able to view your website within various, dynamic contexts. They need to anticipate where issues may arise after turning over the website to your business or in the course of visitors using the site. A static site prevents these issues, but limits what can be accomplished with the page.

Thoroughly understanding responsive web design

One advantage of this dynamic thought process is these excellent developers acknowledge the need for a responsive web design. They should also thoroughly understand how to develop your website across all mobile platforms using a responsive design.

Knock you out of the park with their presentation

First impressions make or break your business, so the first presentation you get from a potential website designer should “wow” you. If they cannot sell themselves to you, how can you expect them to sell your business through the website they design? Their initial pitch should make you want to learn more.

Notice the little things

Last, but not least, outstanding website developers notice all the tiny details that make a website shine in an oversaturated online environment. They know where to move that bit of text of how to organize the navigation to keep visitors engaged and make your website a true asset for your business.