How Good Responsive Web Design Increases Your Customer Base Exponentially?

Starting a business today without utilising responsive web design is like kickstarting your company without a dynamic engine for growth. If you want to stand out from competitors and make stable profits, it is critical to have a mobile-friendly, smartphone first site that anyone can access. A responsive web design has the capacity to impact customer acquisition and retention in the following ways, influencing an exponential increase in the client base.

#1 Mobile Optimized Design Has Wider Reach

A responsive web design offers a wealth of benefits. When a site is created with a responsive framework, the structure, images and content of the website respond to the screen size of the device accessing it. Your site will look uniform across devices and browsers if it is responsive. This means even when there is less room, the page structure modifies to fit the new space containing the site.  This is therefore essential for widening the reach of your business. After all, responsive web designs cut across barriers of geography as well as technology. A wider number of users (read mobile consumers) are able to access the site resulting in wider reach. Tap a global audience with a responsive web design and raise the reach of your product or service.

#2 Google and Your Site: Why Being Search Engine Friendly Wins

If Google developers and webmasters are consulted, they recommend the use of a responsive design. It provides a whole lot of benefits when it comes to engaging and consolidating your customer base. A responsive design consolidates the site so that a separate mobile URL is not needed and one can easily manage the site. Enhance ease of access and use for customers and keep them interested. Attract more customers with a better SERP on account of mobile first sites that have a responsive design. Whether you are looking to expand traffic coming from organic search or enhance conversion rates to ensure prospects become staunch customers, responsive web designs are the way to go.

#3 Value of Simplifying SEO: Why Site Optimisation Matters

Maintaining a site that is both PC and mobile friendly works better. This is because duplicating content across the web is not preferred by leading search engines like Google. Having a responsive site means anyone can access the site on just about any device, and SEO remains in check. Optimising content and presentation on the site ensures that customers are attracted to the brand and find it intriguing and innovative.

#4 Better User Experience: When Customer UX and UI Matter

Responsive web designs let the site move and fit into the frame of the device chosen by the consumer to access your site. This gives users a chance to read and navigate the site more easily. Instead of text and images shrinking to fit the screen, the original structure of the site is retained thereby offering consumers convenience and intuitive interface, translating into higher sales. A rich consumer experience can always be expected to yield business dividends.

#5 Stay Ahead, Leave Competition Behind

Not many business owners understand the utility of responsive web designs. By ensuring that your site is responsive, you stay ahead of other businesses that do not invest in this technology. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business website is responsive to the needs of a growing breed of tablet and mobile consumers.

#6 Don’t Lose Customers Or Money

A responsive site ensures you avoid losing out on customers or profit. People tend to spend more time browsing products online than visiting brick and mortar stores. The eCommerce trend is catching on fast. By not keeping up with the times, you don’t cater to a massive potential market. In the process, you end up losing both cash and customers.

Companies that work using mobile versions of their sites access devices, platforms and browsers across a multitude of consumers. Different devices, screen sizes, capabilities and resolutions are adjusted for in the context of a mobile site. Creating a new version for each device and screen size costs money. Don’t drive visitors and potential customers away from one device or resolution to lose them elsewhere.  Blending programming and machine languages to create sites that are fluid and can expand, rearrange, contract or remove content depending on the screen size of the consumer’s device have the potential to save time and money for consumers and businesses alike.

#7 Only One Website For All Devices= Universal Appeal

Responsive web designs are fluid in that content moves across screen resolutions and devices. This grants flexibility to grids and images. Responsive web designs offer fluidity yielding positive results for consumer appeal. A great user experience across devices and screen sizes ensures all device and screen size searchers access your site. Provide a better, more consistent UX and create sites that are easy to manage by utilising responsive designs.

#8 Unite Marketing Campaigns, Strengthen Market Value

Having a separate site for mobile and desktop means two separate Pathwwway Igaming marketing campaigns for each of these. Rather than this, cut time, money and effort by opting for a responsive design that integrates social media presence with engaging content and graphics to attract and sustain viewership and continued patronage.

#9 Speed Matters: Why Slow Loading Sites Lose Customers Rapidly

A responsive design also means the optimal user experience is provided for the customer. No scrolling or resizing is coupled with yet another advantage. Content that is mobile friendly loads faster. When users have to wait too long for a page to load, expect to lose them.

Why Responsive Sites Rule And Mobile is King!

A responsive design lets your business website stay ahead of the trends. A seamless functionality, excellent user experience and wide reach translate into lower customer acquisition costs and a greater audience for your products and services.   When it comes to development and maintenance costs, search engine visibility or conversion rates, a responsive website is a clear winner.

A unified approach to Pathwwway Igaming web design and development, a responsive, mobile-friendly site is just what your business needs to expand its customer base and add value to the marketplace. As digital revolutions shape the marketplace, online presence has acquired much value in the real world. Be responsive and rule the market! This new mantra is critical for businesses to thrive and grow exponentially, acquiring new customers and retaining its rapidly expanding audience worldwide.