How to find the best web development team for your small business

Looking for a web development team to help create a new website for your business? There are a few things to look out for when searching for the best team for your project.

Why outsource your web development project?

Does your business have the resources to design a user friendly website? If not, don’t waste your time and energy on creating a substandard website. There are hundreds of expert freelancers, agencies and web development teams at your fingertips.

Besides good design and expert knowledge of developing and web marketing there are plenty of other advantages that a professional web development team will bring to your project.

  1. Save Money

If you decide to outsource the project to a professional you’re guaranteed the best services. Outsourcing the project reduces your own operational and labour costs, as your team doesn’t need to do the work.

  1. Save Time

A professional developer already knows the ins and outs of what makes a great website. Your team aren’t Pathwwway web designers and obviously don’t have as much experience of web development. Bringing someone in with this knowledge will certainly complete the project in a quicker manner than your own team.

  1. Top Quality

Hiring an experienced team of professionals who are well seasoned in web development services will give you peace of mind. You can be assured about the quality of the end product as well as the process of creating it.

How To Find The Best Team 

There are of course many reasons why companies outsource their web development projects.

For a lot of companies choosing the right web developers is key to the success of their website. A good web design partner will know the best way to implement techniques to improve your customer acquisition and retention to boost sales and sign ups.

As with any important business project, you need to put time and thought into choosing a company to work with. The project’s success depends on selecting the right team to partner with.

Below are some pointers to get you started on your journey to finding the best web development company for your business.

  1. Know What You Want

Get your project off on the right foot, make sure you’ve done your research and know exactly what you want before you approach anyone about your web development project. Don’t go to a professional web designer with half-baked ideas, take the time to flesh out your ideas and needs.

In the initial stages of your project planning and first meetings with a web development company make them aware of the aims of your website. Tell them exactly what you want visitors to do on your website so they have a clear understanding of how to design your new website. 

  1. Choose A Team With The Right Skill Set

Which type of professional you hire will be based on your ideas and how complicated your website is.

While researching companies to work with you’ll come across a couple of different specialisms within the industry.  There are Web Designers and Web Developers, and as with most job titles both of these specialists are equipped with different skill sets.

Web Designer

A web designer knows how to design the page, but they don’t always know how to build it from scratch. When working with web designers they’ll provide you with a web page design mockup. Sometimes a web designer will be part of a web development duo and they will be able to recommend a Web Developer they know and trust to build their design for you.

If your website is small and simple and the focus is on design rather than technology a web designer may be the best option. If this sounds like your project find a web designer who has strong experience with HTML and CSS

Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who focus on the code and mechanics of a website. Developers specialize in numerous coding languages and are able to build and work on web apps and more complex website functions. They’ll often work alongside a designer to create the visual elements of the project.

If your site will need large amounts of user generated content, or will be highly interactive, it’s probably better to hire a web developer. With these larger scale projects you’ll need a team that is made up of both good designers and good web developers.

When looking for your team it’s all about looking for professionals who have the right set of skills for your web development project.

  1. Look At Their Past Work

When you know exactly which type of web professional needs to be involved in the project, go ahead and search out potential candidates.

Take a look through portfolios – you’re looking to see if the potential hire has done similar work to your project.  Don’t just look at the screenshots provided in the portfolios though, click through to the actual websites to see how they work.

If you find a designer or developer you think you’d like to work with but they haven’t featured a similar project in their portfolio, contact them.

Discuss your project with them and see if it’s a potential fit for their skill set or if they know of another web development professional who they could team up with to build your website.

Techniques for your web development project

Once you’ve found the best team and you’ve briefed them on the scope of the project start looking into ways to implement search engine optimization (SEO). Your hired web professionals will already be creating your project with SEO in mind.

But here are a couple of the most important web development techniques that you need to be aware of. Implement these techniques into your project to get your website to the top of the search results.

1.Keyword Research

The most important part of getting your website to the top of the listings is keywords. Spend some time thinking about the words your target audience will use when searching for services in your niche.

Use these keywords in your website copy to rank higher and bring more people looking for your services to your website.

  1. Competitive analysis

Anyone anywhere can build anything on the Internet. It is a hugely competitive marketplace in any niche, do your research and check out your competition.

Take a look at your competitor’s design and their use of keywords. Find their strengths and weakness, explore and use them to inform your own web development project.