Is custom web design vital for an online business? What are your other options?

When you think about creating a new website what do you think of first? Did you know in the last decade web designers and developers have come up with many other options than just the traditional custom web design process.

Whether you’re creating a new website or giving your current website an overhaul, read on to find out all the options for your web development project.

There are a number of different ways to go about designing a website these days.

You can hire a large web design firm to create a one of a kind custom web design. You can get in touch with a freelance web designer who can hook your content up into a custom template. And, of course there’s always the DIY option, take advantage of the free web design resources and use a template on one of the most popular content management platforms, it’s easier than it sounds!

What Is Custom Web Design?

With more and more businesses using run of the mill cheap template web design your business will really stand out if you choose a custom web design.

The definition of ‘custom web design’ is a website that’s been designed for you from the ground up by an industry professional. If you want a highly effective website that’s as unique as your brand, consider a custom designed website.

Having your website designed and created from scratch has a lot of benefits aside from just being completely unique and made specifically for your business.

You can start as you mean to go on with custom designs boasting unlimited options for growth, the ability to easily amend your content and easy optimization settings that you have complete control of.

Your website will be built with speed in mind and can include search engine optimization (SEO) snippets that will see your website increase it’s listing in search rankings. 

What Is Template Web Design?

Five or six years ago no web professional worth his salt would ever recommend using a template for your company’s website. Back then, it was outlandish to even suggest the word ‘template’ to a business owner. Themes and templates were not considered good practice within the industry and were shunned.

In the last few years it’s the template business has been booming. It’s become extremely popular for industry professionals to create and sell templates as a source of income. With the bulk of themes now designed and coded by talented web developers and designers the standard of design is superb and the use of templates has soared.

Custom web design gives you the best quality website, but if you have a limited budget or are short on time, consider purchasing a template and plugging in your own SEO friendly copy and photos.

What is Responsive Web Design?

The Internet landscape is changing and how we design websites has been an ever-evolving process. No longer are the majority of Internet consumers using the Internet on desktop computers or laptops. Mobile devices are here to stay and millions of people prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to their laptop to access the Internet.

With that in mind it has become incredibly important to design your business’s website with these smaller screens in mind. Responsive design is now a solid best practice when creating websites.

Responsive design entails designing a website with the user’s digital environment and behaviour in mind. This relatively new technique means that you design and develop your website thinking about variables like screen size and orientation. Developers use bits of code to make sure that your content adapts to the correct size and your website looks excellent on any device.

Both Pathwwway custom web design and templates can be developed with responsive design elements. However, basing a website of a basic template or theme sometimes only allows limited responsive design capabilities. Responsive design is vital to the success of your website.

Why You Need To Use Custom Web Design

Custom web design offers more benefits than using theme templates to design your website. Both your business and visitors to your site will enjoy the advantages of having a website that’s built from scratch.

Themes and templates have a time and a place but custom web design is still king for the following reasons:

  1. Custom websites are one-of-a-kind

The last thing you want to do in this dog-eat-dog world is to blend in with your competition. You need to stand out from the crowd and a custom website will help to set you apart from the rest of your industry.

With every aspect of a custom built website designed for your business, your new website will be tailor made for your brand.  Your website will be a place to show off your brands’ identity and values rather than trying to make a theme fit into your brand’s style.

Your custom web design will be flexible and adaptable giving you and your web designer creative freedom. No one will mistake your website for your competitor’s because it’s completely unique to you.

  1. Maintain Brand Consistency

When you commission a custom web design you’re at the first stage of  building an online home for your brand.  The advantage of having a one of a kind website is that it will completely represent your brand and company values.

Developers building custom websites, by the very nature of them being custom, are free from any limitations imposed on them by a template.  Your web developer is able to design a top quality website that fits your branding down to a T.

As any marketing professional will tell you, brand consistency plays a major in public perception of your business. Consistency matters especially online where there are so many businesses vying for people’s attention. You want to make sure your website is inline with your offline branding so visitors to your website make the connection.

  1. Optimize For Search Engines

An often-overlooked factor of Pathwwway custom web design is that it also allows your marketing team to create and implement a precise search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

SEO is the process marketers and web developers use to increase your rank in search engine results organically.

Web developers are usually well informed on the most up to date best practices in SEO as well as a few other tips and tricks that you can utilise to gain more traffic organically. But, while you’re waiting for your custom web design to be built is the perfect opportunity to plan your web marketing tactics.