Custom web design offers so much more than other off-the-shelf options

New to the online world? Unsure if you should get a pre-made website for your business? Should you create a custom web design yourself or hire someone to do it? The answers to these questions vary as much as the people who ask them. All in all, most people who want a website will benefit from designing a custom page rather than buying pre-designed one. Learn more about the advantages of a customized website design below along with the important elements that make a website excellent.

The Advantages of a Custom Web Design

  • A personalized look to match your brand’s uniqueness.

Raising brand awareness and making your brand stick out on the internet proves more difficult without a custom web design. Sure you can slap your logo throughout a template or include your tag lines and catchphrases throughout, but it’s not just about the website having your name and logo. A website should be the place you showcase the unique thinking of your business and the sophistication of your brand. The brand sells the business and the website helps to sell the brand.

  • Rank better on the major search engines.

When you implement a Pathwwway custom web design, you get to start from scratch and get total control over every aspect of the design from the appearance to the coding. A more efficient code lets your website load faster, making Google happy, and perform better than a one-size template meant for any user in any situation. Focusing on custom HTML design increases your exposure to the major search engines and your site’s ranking within those results.

  • Stay focused on existing customers and increase retention rates.

A Pathwwway custom web design lets you optimize every page for your customers. The customization allows you to create an intuitive flow and structure that amplifies user experience and keep your customers engaged. Guide them to the form you want them to fill-out and encourage them to answer that call to action with interesting buttons and easy to follow text or visuals. A custom website design quickly boosts retention rates and your loyal customer base by making it easy to do business with you and helping you to stand out from the competition.

  • Spend less time editing and making changes.

A personalized web design created by yourself or the development company you hire helps you spend less time editing the website itself when you need to update or change information. It can be a game changer for your business. A template must be edited from scratch whereas your own unique design can be edited in parts or as a whole depending on your aim. Plus, if you design it yourself you understand exactly which code elements affect what on a page, so you can edit it directly without hunting down the corresponding code.

Important Aspects of Excellent Custom Web Design

  • Open Space vs. Text or Images

The first aspect of an excellent custom web design involves the use of open space versus images and text on the page. Space dictates how a visitor views your page, from its readability to its flow. Vast, open spaces have become more popular of the last decade as designers include more white spaces and increase the space between lines of text.

All spaces should be consistent through the pages as well as between the paragraphs or sentences and when wrapped around an image. Open space creates a focal point for visitors, helping guide their gaze to where you prefer it.

  • Easy Navigation

Complicated navigation menus greatly contribute to bounce rates and the loss of potential customers. A visitor should not struggle to find the navigation bar or use it to get between pages on your site. A custom web design lets you choose which navigation items to include in the fixed menu and the tools you integrate with your page.

For example, a website featuring parallax scrolling usually includes directional arrows to make the page user-friendly. The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they are to interact with your content or make a purchase.

  • An “About Us” Page

Small business owners significantly benefit from a detailed “About Us” page that describes who you are and what your business does. Big corporations benefit as well, but not in the same way a smaller business does since most people already know the larger company and what it does.

Think about outlining your business’s goals and sharing your origin story on this page then connect to other related pages and relevant social media profiles. You can even add customer testimonials and success stories to emphasize your individuality. Be sure to keep the text short and sweet with an interesting design and enough info to keep visitors interested, but not bored.

  • Sign-up or Call to Action

Your business’s website acts as a gateway to the desired action you want customers to take, like making a purchase, providing an email address, or other useful information so that you can take the game to your competition. An obvious, but elegant call to action shows visitors exactly what they need to do and encourages them to follow through. When you understand what you want your site to accomplish, you can design it with specified calls to action using contrast, space, and color, or a sign-up form of the right size and in the right location.

  • Internal Search Box

A custom web design allows you to include an internal search box for users to find old information or search for something they remember seeing on the website, but can no longer find. A search tool promotes repeated use of your website since visitors do not need to hunt through every page to get the info they want. A sleek, simple design for the box makes it easier to use. Do not be afraid to use the standard magnifying glass as a symbol for your search bar and make it effortless for visitors to find the search on your page.

  • Footer with Links to Pertinent Information

The footer at the bottom of your website never moves and offers a wealth of info for users without impeding in your custom web design. Put the site map, contact info, links, context, job opportunities, and any other information about your site in the footer for visitors to access fast. It can reflect the overall design of your site, but should be more minimalistic and straightforward.