The Best Website Building Tools of 2017

Looking to create a site, customize the design, add content and secure your own domain name? There are some great website building tools out there that can help you to do just that. Plenty of online web tools are there to create your own site, wiki, blog or social community from a scratch.

Whether you want to start an online company or you’re looking for a blog to build your Pathwwway Gaming community on the web, having a website that is visually appealing and intuitively designed can yield rich dividends and instant success. The best website building tools of 2017 are readily available making it very easy to set up a virtual storefront. Website builders are versatile enough to fit the unique needs and styles to create great looking websites for growing your business and promoting your brand. Here are 7 of the greatest ones.

#1 Wix: Modern, Flexible Templates & Professional Themes

Wix is a browser based, website building tool that offers users the opportunity to start from a scratch and build a great site that exudes a professional look. With 90 million users in 180 countries, Wix gives users storage amounting to 500 MB, unlimited pages, safety in hosting and a mobile site all for free! This host and website builder combination is ideal for not just novices, but experts as well. Some of the most interactive, feature-rich websites owe their appeal to Wix.

One of the simplest Pathwwway Gaming website builder tools available, it offers an advanced solution for those who need an easy-to-use interface and polished, professional templates. Wix features a functional “What You See is What You Get” editor and zero limitations. Thanks to Wix, files can be easily uploaded and saved in virtual folders, to be used as and when required. With 1.6 million paid subscribers increasing at the rate of 45 thousand per day, the numbers certainly prove the superiority of this website builder. Offering multiple pricing packages and affordable rates, it covers a wide range of budgets too. Wix has over 500 templates and latest design trend-following features that are 100% responsive. SEO tools are in place as are advanced analytics.

#2 Weebly: Leading Innovators of the Web Industry

This free website builder service is a popular choice among web creation experts. Responsive templates and intuitive interfaces are the reason over 30 million sites online use Weebly. That’s more than 2 percent of all sites on the net presently! Apart from free website hosting, it also offers starter, pro and business packages. With a collection of 70 predetermined and free templates, Weebly also integrates third party template seamlessly onto the platform.

Advanced settings, SEO friendly sites and advanced eCommerce tools make this website builder an impressive tool. Easy to use basic features allow sales receipt customization, customized product descriptions and buttons for social sharing. Even the storefront page can be easily customized. Excellent shopping cart technology, a product that is easy to use, and multitude of payment options apart from technical support across formats makes a Weebly site worth your time.

#3 Squarespace: Stunning Visual Aesthetics, Fully Functional Sites

Squarespace is the leading website creation tool for the perfect user experience. This tool scores on sites that are high on aesthetics and utility. The company offers everything needed to create a website that is fully functional and looks good too. With an impressively powerful website editor, clean minimalist designs and a marked difference from clunky iterations, this website tool has consolidated preview panels and editing to enable people to see changes in real time.

With over 1.8 million websites powered by this company (all paid subscribers), it’s clear that website owners are getting their value for money through this tool. Squarespace also provides reliable cloud hosting in addition to regular hosting making it unique in terms of its high performance, scalable IT infrastructure and colocation services. Squarespace offers customers 25 templates that are professionally designed, clean, customizable and intuitive apart from being responsive too. With robust eCommerce and SEO capabilities, this website tool offers a detailed Knowledge Base, round-the-clock email support and live Phone Support. Its clean plus polished blogging platform is solid and reliable.

#5 Jimdo: Great Usability, Affordable Pricing

The strength of this web building tool is in the area of eCommerce. It offers great usability and affordable pricing. Excellent technical and multilingual support services ensure ease of use. Headquartered in Germany, this web company has a strong international presence powering 15 million sites globally. With 130 pre-made templates and third party integration capabilities, pages on Jimdo also have SEO optimization and are easy and hassle-free to set up. Mobile-first, Jimdo also has compatibility with iPhone apps. From discount codes to tracking inventories, Jimdo offers enviable eCommerce capabilities. It also has a support center with video tutorials in place. Engaging content for raising conversion rates is a unique feature of Jimdo’s blogging platform.

#4 Webs: Longest Running Free Site Creator Online

Webs are responsible for creating more than 55 million sites worldwide. This web development tool was conceived in 2001. Breadth of experience and commitment to quality make Webs the optimal choice for web building needs. Providing an excellent and user friendly interface, with a clean, intelligent design, Webs offers normal as well as specialty pages. The latter are used for blogs, videos, online stores and more. Over 450 varied mobile-first templates in over 20 different industries makes Webs a market leader. So does its capability to allow users to switch templates at any time without starting over. Mobile-ready, feature rich eCommerce capabilities set it apart. The ability to assign categories and schedule posts is an added bonus.

#5 WebNode: Multi Language Support, Easy to Use Web Editor

The USP of this web building tool is that it offers multilingual support in the from of 20 languages and add additional ones at time. Additionally, their site editor is easy to use. Access hundreds of professional and polished templates with amazing customization capabilities and multimedia support. This platform also provides multiple payment options and eCommerce support.

#6 1&1: Great Customizable Designs, Excellent eCommerce Capabilities

1&1 is a website creator known for its excellent and bespoke template designs and quality eCommerce capabilities. It offers clients easy-to-use editors and wonderful template designs. Top notch customer support, 100% optimization for mobile and over 200 industry specific design templates add value. This web tool also offers an intuitive editor. Templates are diverse and have a polished appearance suited across businesses. These are mobile ready and can be customized to suit project and brand requirements.

#7 SiteBuilder: Optimal Usability, Great Design  

SiteBuilder provides quality usability and wonderful design capabilities for the best and most user-friendly site. Whether you are advanced or a beginner, this offers a wonderful set of tools to create your site or eCommerce store. Huge selection of pre-determined templates, excellent SEO options and limitless bandwidth set it apart from others. With over 1000 pre-made templates and eye catching visuals, this is the tool every online storefront owner needs.