How Amazing Graphic Design May Not Be The Best Thing For Your Website?

The stats are in…design sells. For understanding how to introduce design into the business, you need to be clear about the distinction between good design and great or amazing design. It is important to remember that Photoshop does not make for amazing graphic design, when it comes to website building. What matters is the graphic design can make a difference only if it is SEO-friendly and the perfect visual accompaniment to engaging and incisive content.

Graphic design that is amazing is not the end all and be all of your website. A lot of other ingredients also go into website building from the right template to the colour combination and the layout.  Studies by Pathwwway Gaming show that a design alert business invests in future profits and works well in terms of evoking consumer interest and sustaining it though. Badly designed sites are either not visited or trusted. Strong design converts prospects to customers. The impression created by your website is a sum of all the parts and not a single piece of the jigsaw.

Why Graphic Design Matters Along With Other Factors

Users reject a site for design related issues more than content based problems. The content can be amazing, but a site with poor graphic designing can bring your sales prospects to a grinding stop. So, what should you be looking out for while designing a site? There are a lot of deal breakers such as lack of navigation aids, boring web design, pop up ads, slow text introduction, slow loading flash pages or small print and excessive text, apart from graphics.

Design and Customer Perception

Amazing design is not required. Often, it is the small adjustments to the design element of a product that can impact how it is perceived. Simple adjustments can be more effective than king size changes that just don’t rule in the customer’s favour. For example, people have certain subconscious associations with specific colours and this can weigh in when they choose a certain product or brand. So using that bright red shaded flower for your plant nursery website may not be the right choice, as the association of red with danger or adverse stimuli is there playing at the back of your client’s min. Outstanding art and graphics are not everyone’s cup of tea. People appreciate clean codes and layouts, good designs and easily navigable sites, but when the design factor makes a switch from good to great, customers may not be on board if the other factors are lacking.

Website Matters, Graphics Don’t

Additionally, website design is about a lot more than just graphics. Brand design can be likened to a person. When you encounter their outward appearance, it forms only part of your initial impression. Getting to know them is more important. Memorable brands were created from the logo to the choice of colour/hues. The key to creating a memorable brand is through carefully chosen, intentional design decisions. Rather than spontaneous artistic

designs, you need user friendly graphics that don’t have to have the genius of a Rembrandt or a Picasso to them!

Colour is a huge factor when it comes to vivid memories. Colour can lead to better memories than even design. This is because colour influences how data is remembered, encoded, stored and retrieved. So, think beyond images when it comes to design, because that is just part of the story.

Why Pretty Doesn’t Make For the Perfect Picture

You may want your site to look nice and create a positive visual impact with visitors. But how many times do buyers make the purchase just because a product looks nice? Are there not other factors such as a quality component or the cost consideration to be taken into account. Pathwwway Gaming shows that good looks don’t mean the audience will buy what you have to offer.

A great tour of your products and services is the aim of the website. It serves as a calling card, brochure and business medium for visitors, customers, partners, agents and distributors of a business. The website has to provide the right guidance to those seeking more information about your business.

According to research by Kissmetrics, the essence of a successful website is not one that is pretty, but one that attains results. Winning design awards may be wonderful, but it does not lead to the profits. This is because design is just part of the bigger picture. If you cannot get the message across, a copywriting overhaul is needed. For a slow loading site, coding changes, programming improvements or troubleshooting may be needed.

Spending a Fortune on Design? Why Every Penny Counts

You can allocate a massive design budget, but you don’t need to spend your life savings on a designer. What matters is to consider a graphic designer that fits the style of the site you would prefer for your business. Visit the competing sites and get an idea of what works and what does not before you commit to a design (and a professional designer).

Graphics and website development are a one time expense and unethical design companies tend to bill you for recurring changes in exchange for great results they promise. But a website is more than just a pretty set of pictures. It requires maintenance, upgrades, changes to content and a whole lot more. Rather than splurging on amazing design that gets zero results, focus on creating a site that is perfect in every way.

Design as a Extension of Your Brand

Design is a whole lot more than Photoshop. It’s about consumer psychology as much as it is about understanding what the customer wants. A  good designer integrates colour, hierarchy, images and resources to create the perfect picture and a site that pulls in visitors. Design is the core of a successful website. But, it’s not the only aspect you need to concentrate on. Look past pretty images to see the real picture, if you want a website that fits the bill and pays its way through.  Good design makes a great difference to brand perception and the ultimate value of your product or service to the customer, through a website that is as simple as it is appealing.