10 website services every web design company has to offer to remain current

Are you offering enough website services? As a web design company you can offer a lot more to your customers than just website development.

Many designers and developers add smaller add on tasks to their web design packages for new and old customers. There are only so many hours in a day and you can make great rates on smaller jobs that come in to your business consistently.

Have you thought about adding website services to your list of offerings?

Advantages Of Offering Website Services

Web design and development is your bread and butter but you can retain customers and become more sustainable by pitching additional website services to clients.

Adding smaller tasks to your repertoire means you can forecast sales easier. If you know that a client wants you to manage an email campaign every month then you don’t need to put as much energy into finding new clients and bigger projects.

As a tech-savvy person you probably don’t realise that the majority of the customers struggle with online web marketing tasks. This is simply because of technological and skill barriers. Something that takes you an hour could take a small business owner a few days to work out!

Offering these web-based tasks for your clients enables you to build and strengthen your relationships with your customers. This is beneficial for your business in two ways.

Firstly you are getting paid for the job at hand. Secondly, when you continue to work with another business you build up a good working relationship and trust.

Your customers become loyal advocates of you and your Pathwwway Gaming company meaning they are more likely to refer you to others organically or think of you for any other development projects.

Offering additional website services is a win-win situation and a good way to grow your business sustainably. We’ve come up with ten ideas for services you can offer to your clients.

Analytics Reporting

After you’ve completed your client’s website and installed the analytics code you should offer to demonstrate how analytics work. Show them the in’s and out’s, produce a report for them and explain how they can use this data to boost conversion and sales.

Be sure to let them know it’s a time consuming process and the benefits of having regular reporting by someone who fully understands the data. You can then offer an add-on to produce a report every 3 or 6 months with your interpretation for a small fee.

Sales Presentation

Consider the type of business that your latest development project was for. Are they a business who will want to use their website in a sales pitch meeting?

Many sales teams worry about internet connections going into meetings in unknown buildings and they like to be as prepared and ready as possible.

You could explore additional website services by turning their new website into an offline auto run demo. This gives sales teams an offline solution in case of any problems and is also a nice leave-behind for their prospective clients.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is one of the easiest website services you can upsell, simply because all businesses understand the benefits of testing.

After the site is live offer to get input from the clients’ target audience and current customers.

Gather information by creating and compiling surveys as well as conducting one-on-one interviews. There are even third party services you can utilise that will provide user- testing feedback through screen capture and microphone recording. Collect your data and visualise it in easy-to-read way to report back to your clients.

Monitor Their Competition

It doesn’t matter what industry your client is in, they will have at least 2 or 3 competitors online. Before your project begins you can add an additional website service to comprehensively study and research their competition and report back on weaknesses, strengths and any opportunities they’re missing on their website.

Blog Management

Having a blog is a big commitment and daunting for some businesses who are less tech-savvy. A great way to keep working with your client is to offer blog management as a service.

You can help them with setup and customization of their blog but you can agree to go beyond that. A client may need help in a whole manner of ways. Ask them if they need help: publishing posts, optimizing for SEO and conversion or managing comments.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Pay-per-click management is time consuming and seems like an advanced web marketing technique making it one of the most sellable website services.

It’s also a perfect service to offer smaller clients who don’t have support from a dedicated marketing team. Offering PPC management is a great way to save your client’s time and offer more value from your business.

HTML Email Template Design

Find out if your customer is using email marketing. If they are, great! If they aren’t let them know the benefits of using this communication channel to stay in touch with their customers.

You can then offer to design them a HTML email template that matches their new website’s look and that feels consistent with the rest of their branding.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google has been noted to generate up to 90% of all global search traffic.
SEO is one of the tools and techniques that is imperative your customer understands and uses. If their website isn’t ranking in search results, they might as well not have a website!

SEO isn’t a one-off task, for good results it needs consistent attention. Step up to the plate and offer on-page Pathwwway Gaming SEO for you clients as one of your additional website services.


You’re not a copywriter but I bet you know a few things about writing copy that converts prospects into paying clients.

Smaller businesses won’t have thought about content or copy for their website and they will probably scramble to put something together when you ask for content. Offer additional help to these businesses by putting copy together yourself or work with a copywriting freelancer.

Website Maintenance

Of course you know that ongoing website maintenance is essential for the safety of a website, but your clients probably don’t. They simply forget to update their CMS or are overwhelmed by the task.

Offer to take this task out of your client’s hands by proposing a basic flat monthly fee that is affordable for their business.

Providing maintenance for your completed projects is one of the most obvious website services and hopefully you already have a few clients booking you for regular maintenance.