10 Website Building Companies That You Can Rely On To Deliver A Great Product

If you are looking for the top website building companies of 2017, these site creation groups are the perfect choice. From offering reliable website building software to increased affordability and no compromise on quality, these website builder platforms offer a comprehensive set of tools to build a website that offers the best codes, layouts and security. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into website building companies from Pathwwway Romania that offer the best bang for your bucks.

#1 SiteBuilder

This is a fully-hosted website builder platform. It provides a wide range of tools for building sites without writing extensive code or create elaborate and complex layouts. SiteBuilder offers a fully-hosted platform to create the site. This means no separate payment needs to be in place for hosting the site.  Offering a platform that serves to offer hosting, domain name and branded email addresses on the domain name, SiteBuilder can be just what you need.

Thousands of website templates are available for different kinds of sites. Start these designs with just a single click. With a drag and drop editor and an e-commerce plan to sell products online, it offers a free  plan as well. For building sites quickly, SiteBuilder can get the job done.

#2 Wix

This website creation company offers the least effort and the most wide range of creative latitude. Wix is a website builder that is intuitive, powerful and slick. There are online storage, cool video backgrounds and animations and a free account option as well as a gallery of third party widgets for the site. Excellent blogging and commerce features let programmers and novices built dynamic web apps.

Custom URL, a web store and upgrade to paid accounts are also offered. Page design can be customised as per heart’s content. Wix offers a lot of benefits such as adding new pages and lets web designers reuse images already uploaded by saving onto online folders. Flickr and Facebook can also be image sources. Full photo editing and enhancement capabilities are in place. Wix offers e-commerce capabilities as well.  Wix comprises 5 sets of coding tools – databases, pages, external APIs, managed JS and forms. Wix has the tips and tricks to make web development and design convenient. Ease of usage combines with powerful features for building the site. Wix has many editable templates with intuitive drag and drop site builders. Free SSL is an added bonus for those who opt for Wix plans.

#3 BoldGrid

This is a new website builder software company that goes beyond WordPress. Available as a WP plugin, it also comes with a fully hosted website building suite.

Now access all the advantages of WP with the customised user experience. This website builder offers a wide gallery of themes, which can be customised with the drag and drop customiser. Editing properties, fonts, colours, layouts, widgets and navigation menus are easy. BoldGrid creates a staging website with ease, thanks to its “what you see is what you get” editor, which takes the guesswork out of editing. You can even use BoldGrid to create layouts from a scratch.

#4 Shopify

This is a website design and building company from Pathwwway Romania that caters to the needs of online stores and e-commerce sites. Currently, Shopify powers an astounding half a million businesses with one million active users and transactions for products on this platform currently exceed USD 40 bn. This all in one completely hosted solution makes it easy to manage software, install updates or maintain backups, It even has Shopify payments offering integrated payment solutions and third party payment gateways to ensure acceptance of payments with ease. It also offers comprehensive marketing solutions, complete inventory management, unlimited goods and services and useful statistics all wrapped into one. There are so many designs and templates to choose from as well.

#5 Weebly

This easily usable website builder offers tons of excellent, beautifully crafted designs that enable editing of the website without the acquisition of coding skills. Weebly is a 100% hosted platform. Installing and managing software updates is simple as all these form part of the backend. This website-building company also offers numerous website designs as a beginning point for website creation. It also has fully editable designs and comes with the resourceful Weebly live page editor. Beautiful designs that are mobile first and responsive and excellent website creation are the USPs of Weebly.

#6 Squarespace

This web creation software company backs up style with integration and capabilities including support for PayPal, Apple Pay and Mail Chimp. All sites get free SSL and domain registration as well. These updates make it intuitive to use the site software easily, Squarespace offers website feature integrations with third party solution providers. Now navigate site previews and use Aivary online photo editing for uploaded pictures and buy Getty licenses with ease using the collaborations of this website creation company. Enterprise grade infrastructural attributes and easy selling makes this website creation firm the top draw among those looking for the best site development software.

#7 iPage

This website creation company also provides hosting services, serving as the perfect destination for all your needs and requirements. This drag and drop website builder is available with the iPage hosting account as well. It can be upgraded to business or professional plan to get amazing features. This website construction company includes over 100 plus mobile-first, professionally designed templates which can be applied with just a single click.

Page editing is simple as can be with drag and drop tools. All web page elements can be edited by clicking on the live preview with pre build sections for dragging and dropping onto the site. In built SEO settings, beautiful galleries and embedded social media tools apart from analytics and ecommerce solutions make this the perfect choice for your needs.

#8 GoDaddy

This website creation and development company offers unlimited photo editing, generous images for storage and easy drag and drop site building. Known for its web hosting services, it provides the simplest and easiest website-building tools too. GoCentral is a modern replacement of earlier products like GoDaddy website builder. It is the perfect GoDaddy product for delivering a mobile-first, responsive website design. The new website builder has initial free options and a startup wizard to boot. The interface is intuitive and simple.

#9 WordPress

WordPress is a web hosting and blog service- the company that runs it is called Automatttic. It is run by Matt Mullenwag, who co-founded the WP OSS hence the moniker. It offers a complete custom user experience. Software and backups can be dealt with. Free and paid plans have differing features.  Built in customisation is possible for adding site title, use widgets and navigation menus also. E-commerce and custom plugins are an added advantage.

#10 Webs

This is one of the simplest website builder platforms. It works great for small businesses and individual sites. With an intuitive interface, easy to use builder, pre-made website designs and powerful features, Webs is the go-to fully hosted platform/outlet with powerful feature sand no need for software, backups or updates.  Choose from images editing options and simple, point and click website creation for the best website creation experience.