10 Lessons to Be Learned From An Experienced Website Creator

An experienced website creator can provide valuable insights about your business site. This year saw web design trends moving from resource heavy widgets and complex graphics to cleaner and simpler layouts, translating into faster load times and better user experience. The year also marks the growth of technology and the emergence of groundbreaking trends. For modern, simple website design that gets the message across, acquiring critical knowledge from a top website creator is the key. Here are some vital insights from Pathwwway White Label on how to create the best experience for website viewers and users, from experienced website creators in the field.

#1 Keeping It Simple, From Graphics to Code

For web design, you need to ensure that your codes are simple and your graphic design elements are striking and easy to absorb. Impressing the visitors is only possible, if you impress big search engines, with simpler code, SEO features for social media networks and more. The cleaner your code is, the faster the web page will speed loading time for browsers. Consider that if your website fails to load within the first three seconds, you end up losing a majority of your visitors. Google’s top designer and development expert John Mueller espouses the need for a responsive, easy to load website if you want to catch viewer interest as well as sustain it.

#2 Material Design For Website Success

Material design is a visual medium of communication for users that synthesizes the classic principles of excellent design with technology as well as innovation and science to the fore. Stefan Mischook, inn his book on web design fundamentals, postulates a no-nonsense design.  From optimising your website for voice search, to creating a simple, consistent header for your site, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.

#3 Web Animation Gets Your Site Moving

Web animations are the biggest move forward this year. They take sites to the next level. Design teams display their expertise and learning excellent coding to use intricate tools for prototyping for communication of concepts to clients and facilitating the digital journey of developers. Storytelling and personality form the core of capturing user attention and animation plays a bigger role in this. Animations have displayed and continue to show the brand’s strength in the digital world, adding a massive personality to the brand, making it more dynamic and less static. The return of the animated GIF is on display. It can be read by almost any browser and screen. Designers are harnessing the chance to enliven HTML messages, web pages, emails and more. A GIF display can make a viewer sit up and take notice.

#4 Add Colour to Bring Verve and Style

The use of bold colours across digital platforms ensure a striking visual display that makes your site unique and one of a kind. Colour can be used to create the best experience in terms of vividness and communication. Colours can also be used to customise and personalise for creating a unique experience for customers.

#5 Inventive Typography

Typography is a strong weapon in your arsenal for creating unique and distinctive websites. The bigger and bolder the topography, the more compelling and powerful it is. With the huge number of typefaces available, 2018 is seeing the return of contrasting fonts to create parallels that are dynamic in the name of user experiences. Device resolutions are sharpening, amping up the legibility factor and opening the chance for a rise in custom fonts. Typography with personality offers emphasis, aesthetic impact and unlimited functionality as well. The still or moving image can be further magnified using clear lettering. Choosing the right typeface makes a difference to the impact of the site.

#6 The Power of Storytelling

A boom in animation is not the only advice expert website creators provide. They also point to the need for data representation from a 3D perspective that is digestible and creates a massive emphasis through effective storytelling, design and use of complex information in an interesting and engaging fashion. Colour transitions, minimalist yet bold typographical features are not the only value addition. The power of storytelling is such that it offers greater accessibility to new technology. Information and data remains at the heart of web design. Informative, clear and grounded data visualisation is the key.

#7 Seeing is Believing: How Illustrations Help Brand Identity

Illustration helps a Pathwwway White Label brand to stand out. More brands are standing out and illustrations are the best way to inject personality into the site. These images are visually engaging, functional and simplistic. The design should focus on presentation and explanation of information through the use of custom illustrations.  With a saturated, competitive marketplace, web design needs to strike a balance between functionality and personality. Illustrations are the way to showcase your unique brand identity. Custom drawings provide a human touch, breathing life into static content.

#8 Machine Learning is a Must

As chatbots gain in sophistication, artificial narrow intelligence is transitioning the way web design Is carried out. Recommendation technologies such as those used by e-commerce site Amazon as well as storefront platform Spotify uses the perfect extension of AI. With the rise of conversational e-commerce, machine learning and AI are included in web design as well.

Design works to make AI seem natural. Better use of context in digital journeys matters.

#9 Mobile-First Technologies Are The Key to Responsive Sites

An e-commerce website is mostly accessed through mobile phones in these days. Mobile becomes important for web designers, as 2018 is around the corner. Designers develop clever ways for organising information with a focus on micro-moments and wow experiences. Intuitively navigable sites covert better. Mobile-first technologies form the core of responsive sites. It needs to be incorporated into core design processes.

#10 Staying in Touch: Why Stay Connected with Users

Computer enabled chatbots that allow websites to have 24/7  contact points without the need for staff manning the portal. These chatbots answer common questions, direct people to information or pages and even fulfil a transaction. So, your website needs to have instant, round-the-clock connectivity using these technologies. Website creation is as much about technologies as it is about creativity. This is why you need an experienced website creator for the job. Adding a dynamic touch to web design, a web professional can secure the best outcomes based on an accumulation of experience and knowledge.