10 Famous Examples Of Modern Graphic Design Advertising Campaigns To Inspire You

Eye catching ads are perfect for capturing the eyeballs and sustaining viewer interest. But accomplishing that in today’s digital  world where there is an increasing number of competitors and a small attention span your customers have, is tough. Finding the right elements to ensure that your products stand out in a sea of rivals and competitors can be hard. Here to make it easy are graphic design ads from Pathwwway Gaming that make the audience sit up and take notice. Some of the most well known campaigns in the world of graphic design come into the realm of marketing magic.

Whether you want to create the perfect ad or marketing campaigns, these brilliant campaigns identified by Pathwwway Gaming have helped the brands associated with them to carve out a distinctive niche for themselves. Creative teams formulating these ads have ensured that messages vary greatly, but they do have a powerful brand narrative in common. We are constantly exposed to ads and it becomes essential to remember that the notable ones are distinctive from the run of the mill sales pitch to help the brand stand out. On an average, there are 362 ads released in a single day in the US alone. But only 2-3 percent of these make a mark on the viewer and an impact on market share. So, what it all boils down to is whether your ads have the power to make it to the top 10?

The Power of Pictures: Graphic Design Ads  

Breaking through the advertising clutter and making an ad that is memorable for the right reasons is not easy. You need to come up with a solid concept and consider the design following this. Attention to layout and presentation will enable the ad to be noticed. But attending to creativity and concept plays a critical role in ensuring that your ad will be remembered. Trends can change and graphic designing needs to stay ahead as tastes change. It is critical to be up to date if you need a trend setting ad. Graphic-design trends that are vital have come up in 2017, as modern ads showcase the power of the brand and set up new trends. Imagination has no limits and creativity remains boundless for each of these amazing ads with unique graphic elements.

#1 Forever Sport: Eternally An Adidas Motto

A double page spread takes on new shine with Adidas. This graphic ad uses a fold as part of its design. All you need to do is close and open the pages, and the athletes in the graphic advert lift weights, do crunches and perform stretches. Forever Sport is an amazing play on words and graphics to create a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

#2 Making the Audience Sit Up:Honda Stands Out

While bumper to bumper traffic is a major killjoy,it can work wonders for motorbike riders who zoom in and out as they please. Honda Motorcycles symbolises the eternal freedom of bike riders with this series of ads that has vehicles laid out in a distorted maze.

#3 Ford’s Rear View Camera: Every Dog Has Its Day!

A dog staring straight to take the perfect selfie? It’s the crux of Ford’s Rear View Camera ad which stuns with its simplicity and sheer fun. Ogilvy has crafted this awesome ad which features the canine wonder staring at the audience straight through a camera capturing all the angles and creating mood and feeling in a marketing message directed at pet owners and animal lovers.

#4 Playing on Repetition: Highlighting the Plight of Dementia Patients

A print ad by Simon Mascagni, this plays on repetition and promotion of World Alzheimer’s day in a powerful emotion provoking and gripping ad. Alzheimer’s is a painful disease and many people who are living with this debilitating dementia need support to remember even the most basic to-do activities  on the list.

#5 The Dating Wall: Stunning Selfies for Singles

This is a partnership between Tinder and Delta to provide New York Singles an amazing opportunity to  take pictures against nine stunning and ethereal backdrops for the perfect dating shot. Now, graphics brings these exotic locales alive as the dating wall serves as an ideal backdrop for a jetsetting shot. The illustrations are by graphic artist Andrew Rae. The concept is to provide NY city singles a chance to place their dating profiles in a whole new realm and (of course!) advertise Tinder.

#6 The Truth Is Hard to Find: NYT

During a time of political upheaval in America, The New York Times has come across a unique ad concept to make viewers realise the value of hard hitting journalism. The Darren Aronofsky shots with the compelling accounts and stories by NY photojournalists is a unique concept.

#7 Ikea’s Print Ad Has It In The Bag!

French fashion house Balenciaga has created a fancy bag resembling the Ikea USD 90 blue tote and the furniture and lifestyle retailer is having none of it. Ikea has responded with a striking and picturesque print ad that captures the difference between the fashion label and IKEA’s value for money purchase. Joining the conversation with a simple graphic and storytelling ad, IKEA etches out a powerful brand narrative for itself.

#8 Carulla Knives:A Cutting Edge Media Sensation

Columbia’s O&M has used the columns of classified ads for promoting this distinctive brand of knives. A series of ads showcase the knife slicing and dicing food between columns in a paper to catch the power of the powerful slice, for an ad with a winning edge.

#9 Better By Bike: Health Benefits of Cycling

Bike machinery gets juxtaposed into body machinery and it becomes a sort of man-machine concept for this graphic ad by La Comunidad in Argentina that promotes the health advantages of cycling. It makes for an ad that is high on aesthetic value and easy to understand.

#10 Art Colour Pencils and Edvard Munch’s The Scream

For promoting the Faber Castell range of amazing art colour pencil, O&M in Singapore has come up with recreations of art from classic times. A sea of pencils glued together to portray the famous art by Edvard Munch called “The Scream” is just one of the many recreations of classic designs and pictures to grace this ad.

These 10 ads come with emotion evoking taglines, perfect images and forming a deep and intimate connection with the audience. Making an impression involves thinking about the concept and the design. The end result is an ad audiences remember, recall, notice and most significantly, act on.