10 Examples of Great Custom Web Design That You Can Learn From

A custom web design puts you in complete of charge of how your website must look and function, instead of merely purchasing a pre-designed template. The process is extensive and requires continuous monitoring and appraisal so that the desired end results are achieved on time. The following ten examples from Pathwwway Gaming are those that have catered well to the needs and expectations of high-profile website visitors. Platforms like wordpress have brought a revolution to the field of custom web design.

#1 Gracenote

Gracenote is an end-to-end music solutions company that offers entertainment data and technical solutions. One of the best custom made web designs, the WebPages neatly navigate the user to classified sub-menus. The proactive slider offers a snapshot of the services provided, in an engaging manner. The band that displayed featured customers makes the website a PR tool in itself. The tech blog empowers even laymen to improve their technical details.

#2 Design the Planet

This New Orleans based website design and development company does not believe in website templates and is bent on doing the less ordinary. The schedule an appointment today is large and impulsive, prompting you into immediate action. The theme is flawless and true to its name, it is like viewing a virtual galaxy. The entire offerings portfolio is neatly displayed in four buckets, while social media presence is displayed in a colourful ribbon of buttons.

#3 Brandice Daniel

Brandice Daniel has a powerful tagline that can help unleash creativity in people. The website is impressive in flamboyant colours and offers easy navigation for first-time users. Visual appeal is at its best with the Harlem’s fashion row being in the spotlight with engaging images. The podcast tab is the option for connecting with a relevant community of dream-chasers. This custom web design is a classic example of the viral effect of online networking, made possible with unique design and a minimalist approach with regards to technology.

#4 Poster Roast

The website beckons all wannabe artists in the UK to come onboard and to get their screen printed gig posters promoted online. The website is extremely user friendly and takes the non-technical way to specialize in digital marketing.  The portfolio of offerings is listed in a neat bulleted format. The gig-posters are creatively designed and offer a bird’s eye view of what clients get in exchange for subscribing to the brand.

#5 Woothemes

Woothemes is the backbone of the celebrated wordpress plugin, Woo Commerce that has created even big format online publicity a breeze. The website features large white spaces interspersed with content in dark colours, aiding in easy readability. The articulation of how wordpress themes can walk you through a library of the most awesome outlays for your concept or ideas is well brought out in the website. The intelligent pop-up prompts visitors to the quality of Woothemes products used.

#6 The Next Web

The tech news website has recently made it to headlines for the most unique custom web design that has been deployed to make their website as informative as possible, in engaging viewers. For a new website, custom web design does the wonder of making featured stories earn great mileage by strategically distributing them across the front pages. The main categories are spelt out in card like formats, that results in decluttering and hassle-free reading. By inserting high resolution graphics, the website produces a phenomenon closely akin to reading a newspaper.

#7 Work by Simon

The website belongs to a group of dedicated techies who have resolved to take their clients’ brand to new heights. The custom-made website is powered by WordPress that offers a simple content management system to budding developers to make their own designs into the digital landscape. Besides being informative, the website represents the online portfolio and the blog of the promoters, Simon Carr and Elijah Wasserman. Taking a minimalist approach to cluttering, the website is a blend of free space, content and graphics in the right proportions.

#8  Mercedes Benz

This auto major is desirous of steering things in its own way, when it comes to online branding. The flashy website is live with action, with some of the big machines cruising the roads in neat, borderless box formats making the website attractive and reader-friendly. All the images are set in engaging scenery that complements the ambience signalled by the brand. The slider moves down automatically upon hovering, making it easy to read sub menus.

#9 Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Professional website puts technology to customized usage. The new trend in digital PR is to stream workspaces and make the clients feel important, as they are ensured that their project is in dedicated hands. The capsule of services provided is strategically placed in small print that highlights the remote support and connectivity promised by Bloomberg. The large scale video background makes the website enticing for information lookers, while the life-sized headlines provoke impulsive action.

#10 Sweden.Se

This is the proud custom made and official website of the Swedish country, built using WordPress. The band of dark empty space towards the left, negotiates space for the vibrant images placed on a three column layout. The beauty of the website is that it is a lot more than projecting Sweden than a mere tourist spot. The range of topics covered are from cashless transactions to human rights, from tackling climate change to ecology preservation.

The above critical overview of some of the handpicked examples of custom web design formats from Pathwwway Gaming reveals the fact that the web designing is an end to end qualitative process. A custom web design takes into account the uniqueness of your organization and bring in the missing element of personalization in branding and web savvy marketing. A word of caution is to proper due diligence before awarding a custom web development contract to any enterprise, since they may indirectly use a multitude of free templates and pass them on as custom made.